Saturday , June 22 2024
Mr. Craig continues his reign of terror while Jason torments himself and Sam is haunted by her past.

Making The Rounds at General Hospital – Round and Round We Go

Not too much progression in the storylines this past week. It's been a lot of the same ol' stuff. Hopefully as we approach May sweeps, April 26 to May 23, things will pick up.

Lulu is not only surrounded by her suitor/stooges, but she is locked in Logan's line of sight as well. Sure there isn't anything about him she could possibly like, she continues to rebuff him. The flying sparks have been delightful to watch and are bound to start a fire. The way this dynamic is unfolding reminds me a lot of Patrick's and Robin's rocky beginning and I can see this couple having the same sizzle potential.

At Kelly's, Lulu was just beginning her date with Dillon when they heard the fight break out upstairs between Logan and Cooper that started when Logan made a disparaging remark about Maxie. (I knew I liked Logan.) They bust into the room and tried to pull the two of them apart; all the while Maxie is wrapped up in a sheet, having just honored the anniversary of Jessie's death by doing the deed with Coop. When Logan wouldn't back off, Lulu smacked him upside the head with whatever that was she grabbed from the desk, bringing forth nasty 'just like your mother' comments from the queen of bitchy (and slutty).

Once the dust settled down, both Dillon and Logan reassured Lulu and criticized Maxie, but Lulu turned them both away. She told Dillon they've come through too much to ever go back and told Logan to just leave her alone. Dillon made her promise she will keep an open mind and not rule out a future for the two of them, but unfortunately I think it will be a very long time, if ever, before this pairing will get a real chance. If we can't have Lulu and Dillon, Lulu and Logan get my vote.

It was through Patrick's angered snipes at Robin that Emily learned she was now living at Wyndemere with Nikolas. Even though Robin did her best to do as directed by the evil Mr. Craig (soon to be Bronsan) Emily had doubts and went straight out to the island to question Nikolas. Though he also tried to protect her from Craig, Emily reported back to Patrick that she doesn't believe Robin and Nikolas are now lovers. The special bonus within the Patrick/Robin conflict was an all to brief appearance of Noah, ever protective of his son's relationship with Robin, but also now looking to do battle with Dr. Ford (More please!).

When Craig wasn't busy terrorizing his captors, he was helping Alexis who had passed out in the gardens of Wyndemere. He has to have an ulterior motive for his kindness; we have seen absolutely no signs of the man having a real heart before now. He's been wooing her in his own sadistic way, and the unbelievable part is she seems to be falling head over heels for the super-bad-guy. Though, I guess it's not really unbelievable when you look at her track record of Sonny and Ric. At first I thought he was doing it just to upset Nikolas, but it seems there is more to his interest than that. We'll have to watch to find out just what.

Not so much a wait-and-see, but more of a different day same ol' story is the Jax/Carly/Sonny triangle. It's the same circle going round and round, with Carly repeating herself daily and Sonny continually pushing her. I stopped caring a long time ago and quite honestly would like to see both pairings fail and the three of them all move onto something new. An additional deja vu is Michael getting involved. On the conclusion of Friday's show he had locked Sonny and Carly in the basement to prevent his mother from going out with Jax and hoping she would kiss and make up with his father. Not only done before, but it was extremely trite and boring. I'm sure we'll be treated to more hurt and jealous Jax and begging and pleading Carly next week.

Jason continued to agonize over his decision to let Lucky raise his baby. Even though Liz claims it's what she wants, she certainly spent enough time trying to get close to Jason, letting him feel the baby kicking and sending him ultrasound pictures. (Who knew the hitman with a heart kept a box of baby pictures next to his gun box in the closet? I'm guessing not Sam.) Further tormenting his heart and mind were Spenilli and Lulu. Stone Cold's protégé continued to tell him he should take his rightful place, a position Lulu supported until a heart-to-heart with Lucky. She then flip-flopped and advised Jason to never-tell.

In between the launch of her new television program, and the constant manipulation from the producer with an agenda, Amelia, Sam did begin to sense something was terribly wrong with Jason. She made the believable leap to him still being devastated by Alan's death. As time goes by, this pairing has totally lost any sizzle-factor they may have once had, and I wonder if when Sam's secrets are pushed into the light and when the paternity is finally revealed if they will survive. I only hope they don't use it to put Liz and Jason together. There is just too much deceit there to allow them a happily-ever-after.

Still loving Alan's haunting of Tracy and the way her guilt over changing her brother's will is eating at her. I wish we could have seen more of Luke!

Warning! News and Spoilers Ahead!

(News and spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • As Scott continues his pursuit of legal guardianship of Laura, everyone is shocked to find out Laura left that role to Nikolas. They shouldn't be, though. He's her oldest son and the character would not want Luke to be saddled with the responsibility when her outlook was so grim. Scott will still press on and Nikolas and Alexis will take the matter to court.
  • Emily is not giving up on Nikolas as easily as Patrick did Robin. She convinces Patrick everything can't be as it seems. While following through on Emily's hunch, Patrick is threatened by Mr. Craig.
  • While trying to show off for the blonde one, the jackal puts a dent in Stone Cold's bike.
  • More tidbits are surfacing about the Soapnet GH spinoff The Night Shift. In a recent interview Jason Thompson confirmed you will see Patrick and Robin roaming GH's halls at night (Can Noah be too far behind?). Some are speculating Kin Shriner's role is being expanded so he can be one of the veterans to cross to the 13-episode summer show. 

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