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Will Emily save her father or her friend? She can only choose one.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Clock Counts Down

As we reached the end of Friday's episode, we were left with just five hours (and five episodes) until the Metro Court explosion we've been mercilessly teased with for two weeks now. In the last week the full focus has been on Mr. Craig, his accomplices, and the hostages.

After going to the door of the Metro Court, Patrick was able to gain Mr. Craig's attention, and eventually he conceded to the request to accept medical treatment for Robin, but with his own sadistic twist. Patrick would only be allowed to talk Liz through the procedure by phone, Carly would assist, and it could only be performed with what could be found inside the hotel. After Patrick gave a supply list to Liz, Craig sent Nikolas and Sam on a timed scavenger hunt. They were to return with everything on the list in ten minutes or Nikolas would be shot.

Patrick was able to talk Liz through the procedure and all seemed to be going well until she sliced an artery. When Carly insisted Emily be allowed to help them, Craig agreed for a price to be named later. The price ended up being having Carly close on her own. Craig's mind games had the desired effect on Carly; she was obviously and thoroughly upset by the task, and spilled her disgust to Sonny when she was later able to join him, separated from the others.

Even though he had been beaten up by the thugs, Sonny was still determined to find a way to get Carly out of the hotel, telling her there was no way he would let their children lose both their parents. He also took the opportunity to completely spill his heart to her, telling her how much he loved her and how sorry was for ever letting her go. He again asked if they couldn't give their marriage a real chance.

In the other room, Alan's condition continued to deteriorate. For awhile, Nikolas was left alone to care for him. Alan took the opportunity to tell Nikolas to not take Emily for granted, and while space and time had its place, he should cherish her and their love, for life was just too fragile. Emily was returned to the room and asked again for a defibrillator to regulate her father's heartbeat. Request refused, she did her best to make him comfortable. When Mr. Craig needed the room to play mind games with Sam, Emily and Nikolas were forced to take Alan back to lobby. Emily again asked for a defibrillator, and Carly informed Craig's accomplices there was one behind the desk. Much to the ring leader's later dismay, Emily was allowed to use it.

Luke and Lucky were given permission from Ric and Mac to try and make their way into the hotel via the roof to assess the situation. But when Craig heard the helicopters he called out and demanded Ric get it away from the building or a hostage would be shot. In the background, the DA could hear Liz's pained cries. When asked Craig informed she could be in labor, Ric tried to arrange for her release. He said he would consider it, slamming the phone down, and then told Emily to make a choice. One hostage would be released for medical care, her father Alan or her best friend Liz – the decision was hers to make.

None were aware that Jason and Spinelli had made it into the building when the hotel alarm system reset (something Spinelli's superior hacking skills had optimized). While Spinelli hid out in one of the rooms, Jason made his way through vents, the two communicating by radio. Just as Jason happened above the vent above the lobby, Sonny was brought into the same room Spinelli had been hiding in to be eliminated. He was able to get out of sight, but the gun Jason had left behind with him was dropped and out of Spinelli's reach.

We saw some of the best acting in quite some time this week, with many of the actors pulling out all the stops to deliver heart-wrenching scenes. As usual Carly comes off as grace under pressure, shining bright when the situation is the worst. Aside from fearing for her own life, she is showing concern for those around her all the while her heart is being torn in two by Sonny. It's depth like this that makes the character fun to watch.

On the other hand, watching the slow and painful death of Alan Quatermaine is not only a reflection of the sadistic nature of Mr. Craig but is truly heartbreaking for the long-time fan of the show. A veteran actor and a character who will be deeply missed is simply being dismissed and we're being forced to endure it over and over daily for nearly three weeks!

A minor story point that was hugely disturbing to this viewer was an albeit brief scene in which Scotty and Tracy paused from their concern for their loved ones Luke and Laura to bash Dillon. The two characters are no fans of the union, for sure, but in the wake of how poorly the original super-couple was treated in their short ratings-grabbing reunion this past November, it was like pouring salt on an open wound.

Warning! Spoilers Ahead!

(Spoilers are drawn from a number of websites, dedicated to keeping the fans who just have to know, in the loop. The list includes Soap Zone, General Hospital Happenings Two, Soap Central, and Scoops and Spoilers.)

  • Sonny and Carly will be handcuffed together – surely it will be prime opportunity for Sonny to continue to appeal to Carly's heart and bear his own. It may be the closest thing we get to a Valentine's Day story
  • After disguising himself as one of the numbered accomplices, Jason observes Liz's is possible premature labor and puts himself in the position to carry Alan out of the hotel and into medical care
  • Mr. Craig has an assignment for "the Jackal" open the vault of Lulu will be killed.

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