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Lisa accused Robin of trying to run her down and Lucky shows up to save the day.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Lisa Accuses Robin; Sonny Plans to Flee

On Monday’s General Hospital: Lisa accused Robin of trying to run her down, Lucky show’s up to save the day, Lulu learns the truth about Carly from Brook Lyn, Brenda accepts Murphy’s proposal, and Sonny plans to jump bail.

After a phone call to Patrick, Robin backtracked on her desire to end their marriage, saying she couldn’t imagine her and Emma’s life without him. They agreed that Robin would pick him up and bring him home. The problem: Lisa had just been given a big brush-off from Patrick and overheard the phone conversation. As Robin’s car approached the corner, Lisa threw herself in front of it, making it appear as if Robin had tried to run her down.

How Lisa was able to get the perfect opportunity (When Patrick turned his back) and not end up road kill is beyond me. Worse, it seems if everyone is believing that maybe it is Robin who is slightly off her rocker. A little levity when Mac learned all the sordid details and told Robin he knew Patrick would end up hurting her. Mac is the perfect, over-protective (substitute) daddy for her and Maxie.

So, just when things were looking pretty darn grim for Sam and
Jason, who comes busting through the door but Lucky. His story: he’s been following the Santos brothers since Johnny’s car bomb, and was led to the cabin.

Even though they were trapped by at least three more Santoses, Lucky had time to fill Jason in on all of Sonny’s antics in his absence. (Must say the look on Jason’s face when he heard Sony shot Johnny was priceless!) As they were making plans for Lucky to get an injured Sam away from the cabin, a home-made fire bomb came through the window. Looks like these three musketeers are going to need a new plan.

When Carly refused to pay Brook Lyn (who’d given up on the task of breaking up Datne and Lulu) Brook went to Lulu and spilled the truth. Lulu refused to believe her cousin would do such a horrible thing and called Carly over to confront Brook. In the end, Carly admitted it was true.

What shocks me the most about today’s events is it didn’t even occur to Lulu once that Brook might be telling the truth. This type of thing is right up Carly’s alley and Lulu knows better than anyone that Carly never lets go of a grudge.

After weeks of pressing, Brenda finally accepted Murphy’s proposal, just in time for the actor to be called back to Rome. When later pressed by Suzanne, Brenda said she was over “the man from her past” but also acknowledged that she and Murphy would never have a grand, love affair. She was hoping more for the stable partner kind of marriage. Meanwhile, Sonny has set the wheels in motion so that if he is granted bail, he is hopping one of their planes and fleeing to – where else – Rome.

Will seeing Sonny again change Brenda’s mind?

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