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Olivia rushes to Johnny's side and Sonny pleads his case,

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Sonny Pleads His Case, Patrick Begs for Forgiveness

This article covers events on Wednesday and Thursday’s General Hospital.

Olivia rushes to Johnny’s side, Sonny pleads his case, Lisa reports Robin’s threats to the police, and Patrick begs for forgiveness.

While Johnny remained unconscious and in critical condition in ICU, he had a string of visitors. Ethan and Kristina checked on him first, than Dante wanted to question him, and eventually Olivia. She held his hand and cursed herself for ever walking away from him. Dante pulled his mother aside and told her she deserved better, but Olivia stood by her mobster. She told her son that she’d raised him, now it was time for her to find something for herself.

She has a point, but seriously, we’re not even going to acknowledge that Johnny’s been shot at least twice while she’s been with him and when he comes through this, he’s still going to be gunning for Sonny. That’s just not going to change. From the first day he stepped on the canvas, this character has been reckless. Lulu couldn’t change that, and I don’t see Olivia doing it either.

In the meantime, it was the same old song and dance from Sonny. First to Diane he prattled on with the same lines on repeat. “It was self-defense” and “But that’s not what happened.” Later Dante showed up, at Sonny’s request and we got more of the same with the addition of “You should believe me because your my son.”

When nothing else seemed to work, Sonny came in for the kill, explaining that he learned something when he shot Dante. Not to shoot people? Guns are bad? No. Daddy said the big lesson was not to shoot unarmed men. Baby steps, I guess.

Robin, still reeling from learning the truth about Patrick and Lisa, went to the hospital. Lisa tried to play up that nothing was wrong, but Robin wasted no time putting the woman in her place and telling her if she ever came near Emma again she’d kill her. A little later, Partick tried to talk to her, but she wasn’t done melting down and gave him the tongue lashing he deserved in front of the entire staff.

Lisa missed that show, however, because she was at the police station filing charges again Robin – or so she first told Lucky. After a long and rather uncomfortable recount of the details, she changed her mind about filing charges, but concluded with, “At least you know the situation, you know, if something happens.” That’s just too creepy for words, and hopefully something Lucky will see through if something like Lisa finding blood splashed in her locker happens.

Please don’t tell me anyone is going to believe for a minute that Robin did that?

When Patrick returned to the house (Don’t ask me why he thought he was welcome). Robin was packing his things. She told him to come back in a couple of hours and he again begged and pleaded for a chance to make it up to her, but Robin is too deep in her pain to give him the opportunity now.

For a true-blue scrubs fan this was so heartbreaking to watch, but I can’t add anymore to what I said on Tuesday. McCullough and Thompson were brilliant.

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