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Liz and the boys settled into Wyndemere, and Sonny contemplated peace while Johnny planned Sonny's demise.

Making the Rounds At General Hospital: Dante Drugged, Robin’s Medication Stolen

This article covers episodes for Tuesday, August 17 and Wednesday, August 18.

On General Hospital: Brook Lyn slipped Dante a pill and then slid on top of him, Lisa stole Robins HIV medication, Lucky and Maxie mended some fences, Liz and the boys settled into Wyndemere, and Sonny contemplated peace while Johnny planned Sonny’s demise.

Brook dropped a pill into Dante’s beer, and then promptly poured two more beers down his throat, before taking him back to his place stripping down to her underwear and crawling into his lap. She didn’t have any cameras rolling to appease Carly, so I guess it was a good thing that Lulu walked in and caught them in the non-act. Lulu grabbed Brook Lyn by the hair, called her some choice names and tossed her out on her, only to learn that Dante wasn’t just drunk, he was obviously drugged.

The one thing I kept expecting Lulu to reflect upon, that she didn’t, was how this was an almost exact scenario to what happened with Logan and Maxie. She contemplated her cynical heart and Dante’s unwavering trust, but never said, “damn, why does this keep happening to me.” Michael’s suspected his mom and Brook were up to no good for awhile. Will he tell Lulu about his suspicions or let his mom continue to hurt his brother and his cousin?

Lisa continued with her crazy rampage and let herself back into Patrick and Robin’s house. This time it was theft on her mind – Robin’s HIV medication. After tearing the house apart and not being able to find it, Robin had resigned herself to picking up a new prescription. Patrick offered to go get it for her, and used the opportunity to yet again warn Lisa to back off.

It doesn’t look like Patrick will be able to keep his little tryst a secret much longer. This most recent move by his psycho, little stalker not only put Robin’s health on the line, but ultimately his own. When he changes the locks, and if he’s an idiot if he doesn’t, Lisa will have to up her game. Where can she go from here?

Maxie met Lucky at Jake’s to ask the police officer to do a background check on Lisa. The conversation about Patrick’s stalker digressed to a rehashing of their dysfunctional relationship. More onscreen testing to see if the fans will accept a Maxie / Lucky paring? I have to say, especially with Jonathon Jackson in the role, I don’t hate it.

Even though she was once dead-set against it, Liz and her boys moved into Wyndemere much to Nikolas’s delight. Though she started to sing the “We’re not going to depend on the servants” song, Liz seemed to get settled in to being cared for. I still get the feeling that the only reason she is actually giving Nikolas any chance at all is because Lucky flat out refused her. I’m just as positive that when the baby’s paternity is revealed, she will once again shut out Nikolas and throw herself back at Lucky. No growth for Liz, just the same-old, same old.

After learning that Michael was almost shot Again!, Sonny told Jason to negotiate peace with Johnny. I’m actually surprised that he finally saw the light, instead of saying something more Sonny-like. Something like ‘this is all Johnny’s fault. See why he has to die.’ Too bad that just as Sonny was reaching for peace, Johnny was finalizing a plan to put the mob-boss in his grave. On Friday of course.

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