Friday , April 12 2024
Lucky finds Aiden in Astoria

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: On the Baby’s Trail

On today’s General Hospital: Liz and Nikolas bemoaned their past, Jason got a reprieve from jail, with Spinelli’s help Lucky found Liz’s baby, and Sonny plotted an end to Johnny.

Nikolas and Liz cleaned up from the welcome home party that never was for the kidnapped Aiden. Caught up in her grief, Liz told Nikolas she regretted her mistakes and when their child came home she wanted to move to Wyndemere with her boys. So Nikolas is getting the bond he was hoping for; I almost feel sorry for him. When Grandma Helena spills the truth — that Aiden is really Lucky’s — he’s going to be devastated. Or will he try once again to be a real Cassadine and hide the truth from Liz.

The whole kidnapped baby story is falling flat for me. I’m not sure if it’s because it feels like a soap cliché or if it’s because this is the second of Liz’s kids to be ripped from her arms, but I’m not feeling her pain. I’m not able to brew up much sympathy for Nik either. After months of watching him betray his brother and then get indignant about it after being caught, I almost feel like he deserves to lose both Liz and the child.

Just as Dante and Jason were ready to head to Oregon in search of Aiden, Ronnie showed up, prepared to haul Jason back to Pentonville. With a little help from Dante (who lifted Jason’s transfer papers from Ronnie’s desk) and Diane (who called in a favor) Jason ended up with a reprieve, but only after Lucky was on scene and had Karen and the baby in sight.

And can I say how relieved I am that it’s going to be Lucky who saves the day instead of Saint Jason. Yes, I know Spinelli will credit for his hacking skills, and Spin works for Jason, but dang it. It’s nice when the guys in white hats that save the day instead of the mob boys.

Even with all the Franco aftermath going on, we had to know it wouldn’t be long until the mob story lines would reappear front and center. So Sonny’s new plan to off Johnny involves taking out one of the rivals, so that family will do his dirty work. He seems to be on the right track. At episode’s end, Dante came into the Metro Court to haul Johnny in for questioning on the Lopez murder.

All the while Sonny and Claire ate their dinner and Claire grilled him on his criminal activity — forget just yesterday she was begging for some Sonny super sperm, so she can have a dimpled mob-let all her own.

A little sneak peak. The Big push should begin next week for the return of Brenda.



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