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Franco's still at large.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: A Killer Still Lurks

On today’s General Hospital Kristina confided in her mother, Michael encouraged Carly to reconcile with Jax, Liz and Nikolas mended fences, and Franco continued to stalk his prey.

After flinching when her new study partner made a sudden movement, Kristina was overcome with embarrassment. After having Taylor drive her home, she confided in Alexis that she flashed to Keifer taking a swing at her. She also admitted that Alexis and Sonny laying down the law has made her feel loved and helped her to focus on getting well. After her heart to heart with her mom, Kristina called Taylor and asked for another chance to be study partners.

I’m glad that the teen abuse storyline has not been swept under the rug with Keifer’s death. The effects of such an ordeal would be far reaching and they’ve done a good job of showing Kristina living in the aftermath. I look forward to this new relationship and hope they realistically play the ups and downs.

In another parent / child moment, Michael encouraged Carly to reconcile with Jax. When she tried to protest, saying she wasn’t sure if she could forgive Jax for his part in putting Michael in Pentonville, Michael answered that he forgave Jax, wanted to move forward, and she should too.

As I stated yesterday, I don’t think Skye is going to just allow this reconciliation to happen. She claimed again today to have Jax’s best interest in heart, but I’m willing to bet in her mind that involves a Skye / Jax reunion. Me? I’m all for the Carly and Jax. When they first orchestrated this pairing I was skeptical, but much like Spinelli and Maxie, they are good for each other.

Liz and Nikolas continued to mend fences today. Going to dinner, before Nikolas dropped her and the boys off at her house. It may have begun as a show of strength to crazy grand-ma Helana, but in the end I think it’s more about “love the one your with” for Liz. It’s not a new game for her and it’s one I’m growing quite tired of.

Even though they made it clear that Liz was more than a month away from her due date, it sure looked like she was going into labor at show’s end. Why is it women never have normal childbirths on soaps?

Franco continued his stalking today this time threatening Sam by way of apology before congratulating kalup on a performance well done. Actually, for all the hype it all sort of played flat. I’m guessing that was by design, but in my mind it could have and should have been played up bigger and flashier.

On the other hand, Brooke Lynn’s rendition of “Before he Cheats” was anything but karaoke and a very nice way for her to tease Johnny while forcing Maxie to realize what she’s doing.

News: According to ABC Soaps In Depth, we’re in for quite a build up for Brenda’s return to Port Charles. Soap Net will begin counting down the days (25 of them) in July 17 and Sonny will begin reminiscing about his long-lost love August 6. On August 10, ABC will devote it’s entire three hour block to vintage episodes of GH. Each will depict Brenda with one of her three love interests (Jax/Jason/Sonny). Vanessa Marcil Giovinazzo first new episode will air August 11.

On Tomorrow’s GH

  • Liz goes into labor;
  • Franco calls on Lulu;
  • Spinelli ends things with Maxie.

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