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The jury deliberates Johnny's fate; another family learns a painful truth.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital: Waiting for the Verdict, The Clinic Burns

Johnny’s trial may not be feasible on any level whatsoever, but despite the absurdity it has been not only entertaining but engaging. Maxie was scared to death she would flub up on the cover story on the stand, only to be completely humiliated by Scott when he only asked about the sex deal she had struck up with Logan to get even with Lulu. When Lulu was called to the stand, she tried to tell the truth but was so distraught and emotional, no one in the room believed she’d actually killed Logan, but thought she was covering up for her lover. So then Claudia, fresh from her accident with Sony, limps up on the stand and lies like there’s no tomorrow, giving the jurors a story that might actually get her brother off. Like Anthony said, “My daughter lies like nobody’s business… makes a father proud!”

Maxie, totally dismayed over admitting her dreadful past in front of Spinelli, tried to end the friendship, telling him she always hurts those she cares about and didn’t want to hurt him. With true Spinelli grace and style, he pointed out to her the ways she’s changed and grown in the past months. It still amazes me how much I’m enjoying this unlikely couple or that I’ve even become a Maxie fan at all. Not all that long ago, I would have thought redemption for her was impossible, but here I am now rooting for this twosome to actually make a good go of it. They’re two misunderstood souls who bring balance to each other and the crazy predicaments they get themselves into give a humorous reprieve to some of the darker stories.

After her train wreck of a testimony, Lulu was escorted back to Shadybrook and ran to her mother’s arms. It is still extremely unclear to the viewers whether Laura has really recovered or if she is a manifestation of Lulu’s troubled mind. The knowledge that Genie Francis’ return is slated to be short term has many believing it is the latter. She always conveniently disappears seconds before someone else pops in to visit Lulu and is insistent that she not tell Lucky, Nikolas, or Luke that she has recovered – typically uncharacteristic behavior for Laura. There are lots of rumors floating around about the possibility of Francis making a long(er)-term appearance, one of them bound to the departure of another long-time character, so how this arc is going to wrap up is still up in the air. (Check the spoiler section at the bottom of the article if you’re interested in rumors and spoilers.)

As the jury began to deliberate, Epiphany was appointed foreperson and it didn’t take too long at all for her, Edward, and the other prevalent spokesperson to realize Mrs. Albrecht was actually a plant from the Zaccharas to turn the jury toward an acquittal. Will Anthony retaliate against Epiphany and/or Edward for the discovery? Will the judge call it a mistrial? Or will the juror just be replaced? The only way to know for sure is to tune in.

Sonny’s continued attempts to get Kate to forgive him and proceed with the wedding are actually mind-numbingly boring. Even his quirky dare for her to break the mirror to prove to him she doesn’t want to follow her heart and be with him came off rather stupid. I get the tie-in to a few weeks ago when she flipped out over blood on her wedding dress and began spouting off all these superstitions, but the whole ‘break the mirror’ thing was too off the wall.

Almost as stupid as Liz turning into a psycho stalker and following Jason all over town begging for the chance for them to become “secret lovers” again. At one point I was into the whole Liazon thing, but the way Liz has been coming off the last week or so has totally ruined it for me. How apropos that Carly would walk in on the two just as Jason was giving in to Liz. Will she lecture the two of them, or just be so self-absorbed with her Jax problems that she’ll shoo Liz away so she can talk to her ‘best friend? Either way it has to be better than watching Liz beg and plead.

And finally, Jerry set off his little ‘bomb’ and the clinic is now ablaze with Nadine and Matt trapped inside. At the end of yesterday’s show Nikolas arrived and was trying to get to the room the two are trapped in. As previewed in my last MTR, Matt’s injuries will enlighten views about the mysterious doctor’s past and his obsessive fascination with the Drakes.

Rumors and Spoilers

Rumors are flying that Genie Francis will be back in late October and/or November to continue with this current storyline. They’re (somewhat) supported by the fact she recently moved her family from the east coast to LA. The official word is she’s changed residencies because she is going to be filming two movies for the Lifetime Movie Network, but is not ruling out a return to GH for a longer run, citing it would partially depend on how her children handled the change in schools.

Other rumors indicate Steve Burton (Jason) is more than ready to take a break from GH when his contract expires. It is thought if this does happen, it would make room in the budget for Francis to return. In other comings and goings news, Sarah Brown is reportedly set to resign for another year in January.

And for more details about Dr. Matt’s Drake infatuation, check out the video:

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