Tuesday , November 28 2023
Lulu and Maxie -- the next Crimson fashionistas?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Crimson Fashionistas

Jax and Kate worked together to close a business deal, while Carly convinced Lulu to be her spy at Crimson, with a little help from Maxie. Meanwhile, Claudia plotted Sonny's demise while Jason left town for more surgery.

After trying unsuccessfully to talk Kate into moving production of her new magazine, Crimson, to New York City, Jax accompanied her back to her house where she took a conference call with a designer. When it appeared the exclusive was going to go to Couture over her magazine, Jax stepped in and the two work together to save the business deal.

Meanwhile, upset about Jax investing his time in Kate and her magazine, Carly tried to convince Lulu to take a job at Crimson to keep Kate from sinking her claws into Jax. She wasn't getting too far with it until Maxie showed up and bragged about how she was Kate's new assistant. All it took was Lulu's distaste for her rival to spark a need in her to also work for the magazine.

I find Carly's insecurities when it comes to Jax almost laughable. He has never put another woman before her and has never had his head turned by anyone since they've been together. She, on the other hand, continues to put Jason and Sonny before Jax. If he did turn to Kate, it would serve her right.

Though it came at the worst possible time, Jason took the news from Patrick that he needed more hand surgery to heart and got on a plane for NYC, but not before telling Sonny of Claudia's request that he kill Trevor, and not before giving Spinelli orders to tail Sonny and make sure he doesn't get himself in trouble. Though Sonny wants Trevor dead, he agreed it wasn't there place to step in and handle it for Claudia and Johnny. He also turned down Ric's offer to work together to destroy Trevor, sending Ric off to make a deal with the devil… er, Anthony Zacharra.

So, it seems crazy Mr. Z had a chemical imbalance that is now being treated. Ric is willing to help him get out of the mental hospital for the criminally insane for a price. I'm guessing that price is killing his daddy.

Meanwhile, Claudia kept working her double-cross Sonny plan and told Ian if he ever wanted to see his shipment again he'd have to kill Sonny. Ian, being the master delegator told Jerry to kill Sonny. Jerry refused saying his brother would never forgive him. At this point, I suspect Jax would give him a big ol' kiss on the lips if Jerry removed Sonny from his life.

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