Thursday , July 25 2024
Patrick and Robin reach an understanding.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Road to Reconciliation

Ric disposed of Randy and saved Carly, while others recovered from the explosion and Robin and Patrick began to work through their issues.

After dumping Randy’s body into the water, Ric heard a groan and found Carly unconscious. Without a thought about their difficult past, he quickly jumped in the water, pulled her out, and got her breathing just as the paramedics showed up. Meanwhile, Sonny, who thought he was un-burying Carly, discovered it was Claudia and walked away from her once he knew she was safe. As you can imagine, Claudia wasn’t the least bit happy about it.

Sonny actually, in a roundabout Sonny way, thanked Ric for saving Carly, and I was sure the only thing he was going to overhear in Ric’s conversation with Mac was that he owned the cannery now. I wanted Ric to respond with “Can we just forget about that whole panic room thing now and call it even,” but I guess that would’ve been in bad taste. It’s probably too much to hope that Sonny will take this as a show of good faith and begin to mend fences with his brother.

Robin continued her apology to Patrick on Tuesday’s show, and in the tender moments he admitted he was confused about how he felt, but was very happy he could give Robin the baby she wanted so badly. I was happy to see the headway being made between these two as I’ve always found them so dynamically interesting.

Later, in the ER, Claudia rudely refused to let Robin treat her because of her HIV status and Patrick jumped to her defense. The event later sparked a conversation between the couple about the chances of her passing HIV on to the child. I’m not used to seeing Patrick being the ultimate in support and selflessness, but I really like it. Later, when he offered to drive her home, I crossed my fingers and hoped we were seeing the beginning of Scrubs reuniting.

Sonny followed the ambulance to the hospital and, after getting a status report on Carly, went to Claudia’s room to question her about the explosion. Johnny lost it and tossed him around before holding him at gunpoint and telling him he was going to destroy him. What Johnny didn’t know was it was all under Lulu’s watchful eye.

Talk about bad taste — however, she ran to Logan’s bedside where she freaked out about Johnny being not all she thought he was. Of course, this was the moment he decided to emerge from his coma. I guess we’ll find out on Wednesday if he’s permanently brain damaged.

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