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While Lulu sits by Logan's bedside and Sonny is still raging over Michael, Nikolas is rushed to surgery.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Nikolas Rushed to Surgery

While Lulu sat by Logan's bedside and Sonny is still raging over Michael, Nikolas was rushed to surgery.

Lulu finally figured out she should be sitting at Logan's bedside seeing as it was her wrench wielding that put him in a coma in the first place. Scott tried to get her tossed, but it was Patrick to the rescue when he made it clear that if Logan loved Lulu, her presence could only help him recover. It would seem Logan does still care for her as he moved a hand and was beginning to come out of his coma now that she's by his side.

Personally, I'm rooting for Logan to recover. The casting of Josh Duhon in the role of Scott Baldwin's son was simply brilliant and there is still so much ground to cover between these two. I'm also still hoping to see them develop the relationship between Logan and Lulu (mostly because it would drive their fathers nuts), but have resigned myself to the fact the writers are more interested in the Lulu/Johnny pairing.

Alexis found a collapsed Nikolas after his fight with hallucinated Emily and rushed him to the hospital. With the decision now out of the Prince's hands, Ian and Patrick prepared to operate. When Robin wanted to scrub in, Patrick warned her they would be using a CT scanner to monitor the tumor and it could be unsafe for her their baby. She seemed touched by his concern, if only for a moment, but then insisted she would be in the OR – wearing a radiation shield.

I found that somewhat uncharacteristic for Robin. Even though she's a professional woman, this baby already has health concerns given her HIV status. I can't imagine her accepting the risk, even with a shield, when she could have just as easily monitored the surgery from the observation room. I am hoping with Patrick's concern, these two can move beyond the bitterness and Robin can make room for him. Can we hope against hope it might be the road to reconciliation for these two?

When Jason asked Liz what she had been doing at Sam's apartment in the first place, she admitted her guilt had gotten the best of her and she went to confess she may have been the one to hit Sam. Jason begged her to give him time to investigate one other lead – his mother. The two also discussed their ongoing relationship, not aware that Lucky was listening at the doorway.

So, let me get this straight. For a whole year Liz lied about the father of her child and didn't feel an ounce of regret or guilt, but she's being consumed with it over something she may or may not have done? Wow! What's just as unbelievable is Jason is not feeling the least bit torn that in order to clear Liz he'll have to prove his mother guilty. The big question is what is Lucky going to do with this knowledge?

Sonny continued to rage on like a big, stupid jerk, even when Max tried to make him see the Zaccharas might be holding Michael after all. Instead, of looking at the evidence, he threatened to start taking Johnny's fingers if he didn't call Trevor and insist he return Michael. I guess Johnny figured he had nothing to lose because instead of calling Trevor, he called Lulu. Will she come running to the rescue?

News and Spoilers

Carly will hear from Michael and the boy will spill the whole truth after getting her assurance she will not tell Sonny. Later, Jax and Sonny will clash over how to handle Michael.

In true Guza fashion the waterfront will be leveled by an explosion, thanks to the bombs Diego left behind.

Patrick and Robin will reach a new understanding about the baby.

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