Thursday , May 23 2024
A fitting second death for the TMK.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Diego Dead Again

Finally, the TMK case comes to a conclusion, but will Diego do more damage in death than he did on his killing spree? Jason faces the consequences of saving Liz, and Scott confronts Lulu, giving Luke an earful.

Nikolas and Diego did battle as the TMK held Maxie's life in his hands. All Nikolas could see, however, was Emily's face and all he could hear were Emily's cries. In the name of his love for her, he was able to overpower the young Alcazar and send him to a rather fitting death – a hanging.

As I watched him foiled out of yet another victim, it occurred to me he really wasn't that good of a serial killer. He attacked what seemed like hundreds but only actually killed four. I'm still not satisfied as to why or how Diego did in Cooper, but hey, the whole ending was contrived and too long coming. I'm just glad it's over. The only thing is it's not quite over.

There's only one thing Guza likes better than a good ol' gun fight and that would be a big massive explosion. Nadine is bound and gagged in the warehouse and the many bombs Diego planted before his death are set to go off. Will Nikolas be able to save her in time? I'm amazed someone other than Jason was allowed to be the super-hero this time; it'll be twice the shock if he's able to save his soon-to-be love interest too.

Patrick gave Jason the bad news. The nerve damage to his hands is so severe, it's questionable at best that he will come out of surgery with full use of them. It might be time to find another job, Patrick snidely suggested before turning Jason over to specialists. The idea of Jason being forced from the mob is almost to good to even hope for. What would Sonny do without his right-hand man to ground him? He would probably implode, but it's not like he's been listening to Jason too much as of late anyway.

Meanwhile, Dr. Ian continued to flirt with Sam, who is the master of the flirt game and gave it right back to the not-so-good doctor. In the end, however Ian walked away, out of the hospital, and right up to a couple of prostitutes looking for a party. This bad guy doctor has some peculiar demons that am actually anxious to explore. Could we actually have a bad guy with a heart of gold who has many intricate layers to explore? It's beginning to look that way.

Scott showed up at the Spencer house to accost Lulu for her attack on Logan, as the two exchanged barbs over how Lulu hitting Logan with the wrench wasn't too far off from what Laura supposedly did to Rick Webber, the incident that caused her mental break. Luke listened in, confused by what was only implied and never said. Later, he pressed Lulu for the truth, but she kept Scott's secret.

Did you guys stick around for the last five minutes of yesterday's show to get the crash course on CGI and how GH is the first soap to be incorporating it on a regular basis? In my opinion, it's had mixed results. I love the Port Charles skyline and the backgrounds we now see from the hospital roof (which made its debut on Night Shift) but the speedboat ride to Spoon Island and the car dangling from the bridge were second rate effects at best. Yeah, okay, I know we're dealing with a soap and its limited budget. Still, it was an interesting little how-to class and always a pleasure to see Bradford Anderson.

On the next GH: Kate leans on Jax, which upsets Carly. Patrick badgers Liz for the truth about her and Jason. Claudia and Sonny come to an agreement.

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