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Diego explains his string of murders.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Motives

Alexis was keeping vigil by Kate’s bedside when she regained consciousness, mumbling the name Olivia. When Alexis questioned her about it, her anxiety level rose, pushing her heartbeat up dangerously high. Who is Olivia? Is it part of her big, bad secret she’s alluded to with Jax and insists Sonny can never know?

Meanwhile, still certain the Zs are the cause of all his problems, Sonny held Johnny at gunpoint, asking about Michael’s whereabouts. As Johnny tried to explain he had nothing to do with Kate’s shooting or his son’s disappearance, Claudia showed up with a gun of her own. Apparently, she finds guns to be incredibly hot, because she was more intent on forcing Sonny into bed than shooting him. To echo what Johnny later told her, “You’re messed up!”

I had such high hopes that Sarah Brown’s return would spice up the show, but have been disappointed with the way she’s been pushed to recreate former storylines she portrayed as Carly and to go down the uninteresting and overdone roads of mob violence and sexual abuse. If this is what we have to look forward to for the duration of her one-year contract, I’m not impressed.

Also filed under yawn-worthy is Trevor threatening Ric and Marianna. For someone who is supposed to be as ruthless and powerful as Trevor, why is it that his only means of getting the waterfront property he so desperately wants is to bully a woman and continue to verbally abuse and degrade his son? You think he’d be able to hire one of his henchmen to just go in and grab the papers. Of course, that would just be too easy.

As Michael listened to Carly plead with him, he found the courage to briefly talk to her, saying he was sorry and it was all his fault before being discovered by a crew member on the ship. After determining the call was untraceable, Jax was off to try and convince Sonny to let them bring the police into search for the missing boy.

Meanwhile, Jason was chasing information from Jerry indicating that Alcazar money was being moved between accounts, and asked Carly if, when she was helping Jerry prove his innocence in Lorenzo’s murder, she ever believed he was alive. Oh Jason! You’re so close, yet so wrong. The added stress was more than she could bear however, and she collapsed to the floor holding her stomach. For Jax’s sake, I hope she’s not losing the baby. He’s been through way too much disappointment in this department already. I’m not sure I could watch him suffer another loss.

Not sure of Logan’s guilt, Lulu ran to Nikolas’ bedside in guilt-ridden tears. Her brother is in the hospital clinging to life with a brain tumor, and she’s only found the time to visit him because she can’t deal with her own life. She vocalized, yet again, her long time fear that she’s going to end up in a psychiatric ward just like her mother, and Nikolas assured her it wouldn’t happen. The good news is through that conversation, he got the emotional strength to face his blocked out memories of the Black and White Ball, and the courage to accept it may be time to lay Emily to rest. Unhooking himself from the machines, he took hallucinated Emily by the hand and said it was time to figure out who had killed her.

Meanwhile, holding Sam hostage in her own apartment, Diego was admitting to her all he had done and how. He said as Lorenzo held his body after the shooting, he sensed a pulse and worked quickly to get him medical care. Give you one guess who that super-special doctor might be? He was just about to be reunited with his father and baby sister when Jason killed Lorenzo. The TMK spree has been vengeance for the crimes committed against his family, though he didn’t explain much further than how Carly was his intended first victim when Leticia got in the way.

At episode’s end Diego was about to take a bound Sam from her apartment, when Maxie showed up at the door. Will she be taken hostage as well? Will we get more answers, as hard to swallow as they are?
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