Monday , April 22 2024
Diego Alcazar is the text-message killer. Can his reign of terror be stopped?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The TMK Unmasked

Back in Port Charles, Ric calls Liz and asks her to tend to Marianna’s wounds. Liz doesn’t feel very charitable to Ric, however, and at first suspects he is the one who beat the woman up. Even when Marianna tells her the whole story, she doesn’t warm up to her ex, but who can really blame her? Liz has seen Ric at his worst. Now, as viewers, we’re getting a glimpse at a nu-Ric. Maybe? Later Trevor showed up and started to bully the woman. Ric walked in to catch his father threatening her. When he learns of the connection between Trevor and Marianna, will that changed man change back?

In the afterglow of making love to Johnny, Lulu questions her timing. She tells him she wishes she had waited until everything was cleared up with Logan. Johnny tells her he wishes they could go on a normal date like other people their age. Lulu agrees to a dinner, and Johnny seems content to let big-sis take over the family business. He wasn’t free of the danger too long, though. Sonny showed up at the house, blaming the big, bad Zacchara’s for everything that was wrong now; he shot in Johnny’s direction asking about the whereabouts of his son.

Carly and Jax were also very worried about Michael, but I guess Carly wasn’t worried enough to call the police. It’s one thing to be used to Sonny’s way of life, but if, as a mother, she really expected her child had been kidnapped, I think she would be calling in help from anywhere she could get it. Scared and lonely for home, Michael got his hands on a cell phone belonging to one of the crew of the boat he had stowed away on and called his mother. He hung up when he was caught with the phone before he could say a word.

Sam was released from the hospital and refused offers from both Lucky and Alexis to come stay with them. She didn’t want to burden her mother, and wasn’t going to take charity from her ex-boyfriend to ease his guilt. Unfortunately, when she returned to her apartment the TMK was waiting for her. No, the TMK was not Cooper; nor was it Logan. Sam asked, “Who are you?” and he pulled back the ski mask to reveal the TMK is Diego Alcazar, back from the dead.

Scoops and Spoilers are just too unpredictable right now. With Guza back in the head writer’s chair, I’m sure there will be shuffling of storylines written under the replacement writers. I suspect some will even be dropped all together. According to previews released for the coming week, we can look forward to Patrick confronting Robin about her baby’s paternity and Jason moving in to put an end to the TMK’s reign of terror.

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