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Afraid of Sonny's ire, Michael ran.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Michael is Missing

Bedside vigils are the theme of Thursday's General Hospital, but don't worry. Someone finally notices Michael is missing. How much you want to bet Sonny blames the Zaccharas for that, too.

Sure that Logan is the one who attacked her and killed Georgie, Maxie stands over his hospital bed and contemplates pulling the plug on his life support machine. When Scott, Spinelli, and Mac finally catch up to her, she admits she wanted to, but says the charm bracelet Cooper gave her rattled, and she knew he wouldn't have approved.

I can almost feel sympathetic for Maxie right now. Usually I'm just so put off by all the bad karma she throws into the universe, I forget just how much of it has come her way. With her sister and Cooper dead, and Felicia gone again, she is truly alone in the world. She needs someone like Spinelli to ground her, and the black and white 'gumshoe' fantasies he's been having about her have been a riot. I actually have to admit the two of them might make a good pair eventually. At the very least I hope Spin learns he's let too much life zoom by him while he's been pining for Lulu.

Scott has also been incredibly sympathetic and it's been very moving watching him at Logan's bedside. I loved that Alexis gave him room and understanding. Other than the fact it unnerved Scott, it felt very real. Alexis has been there, she knows. I really hope Logan pulls through, is cleared, and this gives him and Scott a place to start building some sort of relationship as father and son.

Even though Lulu still holds doubts about Logan being the text-message killer, she gave into her feelings for Johnny and the two of them finally got hot and heavy on the floor of the now shut down Haunted Star. I really wish Lulu had waited until she was sure she was over Logan before jumping in Johnny's bed. Instead, I now see her running off to Carly to do a comparison on what kind of lover the two guys are while she whines, "I just don't know who to choose."

Sonny keeps a vigil by Kate's hospital bed, vowing to make the Zacchara's pay for what he doesn't know Michael did. Was either he or Jax listening when Dr. Julian said the gun was fired from ground level? Wouldn't that have raised suspicion? I can't imagine a professional hit coming from someone lying on the ground on the docks. Meanwhile Claudia was keeping her own bedside vigil, making a deal with the devil her daddy. They have a common goal of doing in Trevor. I really wish he'd stop calling his daughter a whore, though. It's in bad taste, even for him.

When Jason stopped by Carly's to see if she knew anything about Kate's shooting, she decided to tell him about her baby. Jason was happy for her, but she could sense his fear and maybe a bit of envy, which of course gave her a springboard to rant about how he should get his baby from Liz so she can have pictures and memories of him being a father. Is it just too much to ask for Carly to want Jason to be with his son, because it is what's right? Period. No ulterior motive on her part. Just when I couldn't take much more of her carrying on, Max showed up to inform the pair Michael is missing.

About time someone noticed!

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