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Kate and Logan were both admitted to GH, one with a gunshot wound, the other with a wrench to the head.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Kate Shot, Logan Clocked

This article covers both Feb. 18 and Feb. 19 episodes.

Logan walked in on Lulu searching his apartment and after being accused of being the text-message killer, tried desperately to profess his innocence. His explanation for having the device to piggyback cell phone calls as well as the gloves and ski mask was that he had planned to frame Johnny. What about why his dog tags were in Cooper’s room? He says he threw them in the park the night Georgie died out of frustration for how his life was going and that Cooper found them during the investigation.

Though the story seems far-fetched on the surface, I’m inclined to think Logan is telling something close to the truth. Previews for shows later in the week as well as the feeling I’m getting from Nikolas’ visions got me believing Logan is not the TMK. When Johnny showed up at Logan’s to confront him over Lulu, he grabbed the girl and covered her mouth. When she was able to break free, she picked up a wrench (apparently Logan has been trying to learn the auto mechanic trade) and clocked him, sending him to GH where Scott, though suspecting his guilt, tried to defend his son.

Michael dropped his gun while trying to throw it into a dumpster. It went off and Kate was hit. Looking over her lifeless bloody body and remembering the treats Jason and Sonny had made, mini-mobster ran off and hid in the cargo bay of one of the ships on the waterfront. Meanwhile, Claudia tried to seduce Sonny for another romp, this time on his desk, but Sonny refused and humiliated the woman by making her walk through the coffee shop in her sexy, red nightie before giving her back her coat. After threatening someone he loves, she stormed off and then stumbled over Kate's body, but did nothing. Of course, Sonny soon also stumbled over her body and immediately regretted ever pushing Kate away as well as vowing to get revenge against the Zacharras.

In this instance I don't blame Sonny for jumping to the conclusion that Claudia was to blame and if she doesn't pull through, the female mob boss will have to shoulder some of that responsibility. What I don't understand is why no one has realized Michael is missing yet. For a kid who is supposedly under heavy guard, he sure gets himself in trouble quite a bit and is able to slip away from them at will.

Carly, who was also on the docks at the time of the shooting, passed out and was found by Jax who insisted she go be checked out by Dr. Lee. I'm happy to say Mother and baby are fine, not because I believe Carly is a good mom, but because Jax deserves the little baby girl he's already bragging about.

Dr. Ian Devln seemed to be the only medical professional more interested in helping Nikolas than learning who killed Emily, hence who was the TMK. That doesn’t necessarily mean his motives are pure. Since he has access to the experimental drug, and strong ties to Jerry Jacks, it’s not that big of a leap to surmise that he is the one who invented the drug that most likely caused the tumor to begin with.

I also think everything as not as it seems with Nadine. I got the feeling today she can hear Emily as well. Does that mean Em is not a hallucination but a spirit? I don’t know. Maybe she is just really in tune with Nikolas. One thing for sure, I can bet it’s going to be Nadine helping Nikolas not only heal his broken heart, but help recover when he finally does get the surgery.

Robin better hurry up and have that heart-to-heart with Patrick, cause one thing is for sure — he has a pretty good idea he’s her baby’s father. I think now that it’s happened he’s having a change of heart about the whole situation.

Because we are in a transition from the replacement writers back to the original writers, rumors and spoilers are all compromised and will probably be in short supply for the next couple weeks.

The killer will be unmasked? We can only hope!

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