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The clues are stacking up against Logan.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Is Logan the TMK?

After displaying her muscles and threatening those close to Sonny, Claudia happened upon Jason on the docks. Neither was aware of who the other was but Claudia was still coming on strong and we were reliving those scenes Sarah Brown played with Steve Burton when she was Carly. Enough already! If the powers that be want the viewers to accept Sarah Brown in the new role of Claudia, then quit putting her in those similar situations.

Later, while researching Claudia, Spinelli was able to pull up a picture and Jason is now aware the woman who has been flirting with him is a sworn enemy. I wonder how Claudia will react when she finds out.

Maxie went to General Hospital to follow up with Robin about the prescription pill she found in Cooper's room. Robin had not been able to find out anything about it, but tried to put Dr. Devlin on the spot by asking if he knew about it. Much to her surprise, he seemed quite versed about the little pill. It turned out to be a medicine still under research and given to military personal. Thought to boost immunity, the only side effect discovered so far was that after prolonged use the person begins to emit a sweet odor. This, of course worried Maxie since she remembered that the text-message killer smelled sweet when he attacked her. What she wasn't thinking about, however, was there is another ex-military person in town.

Sam watched from the other side of the nurse's station as Liz tried to comfort Nikolas and encouraged him to wait for the facts to come out about the hit and run before he blamed himself. After her cousin had walked away, Sam approached Liz and told her she found her concern with the accident suspicious. Meanwhile, in the hall Nikolas collapsed and the events of the black and white ball began flashing in his mind. Liz ran to his side and sent Cassius to get Dr. Devlin and Dr. Scorpio, but Nikolas told Liz to wait as he was about to see again the moments when Emily was attacked.

Lulu was put off at first by Spinelli's warning that Logan may very well be the text-message killer. Later, her curiosity got the better of her and she went to search his apartment. On the table was a prescription bottle (remember the pills Cooper had, that Dr. Devlin says makes a person smell sweet) and in his closet she found a black ski mask and gloves as well as a device to piggy back cell calls on other phones. Logan came back into the apartment just as she came to the realization that Spin might be right. The one thing I find suspiciously missing is the shrine to the victims we have seen the killer obsessing over lately. Other than that, it looks like a pretty damning case stacking up against Logan.

When Michael found Carly and Jax in his room, he yelled, screamed, and all but tossed them out. I was a bit upset when Jax suggested they give Michael some space thinking he was being an oblivious step parent, but should have known better. Once Michael had left the house he and Carly were back in the room searching it for what Jax suspected was the root of the problems – drugs. Little did they know, Michael had taken his gun with him.

At episode's end, we saw Michael climbing on top of dumpster on the docks. After seeing flashes of Kate and Carly in a warehouse, both women are interested in buying the property to redevelop, we saw Michael drop the gun. As it hit the pavement it went off. Will the bullet have hit Carly or Kate?

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