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Lies and schemes began to unfold.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Nearly Caught

For all those Friday worthy cliffhangers we had on Tuesday's show, Wednesday's was pretty typical mid-week fare. And the one story I would have thought they'd lead off with, a six-year-old finding a loaded gun under his brother's bed, wasn't revisited until nearly twenty minutes in.

Fairly early in, we did get Patrick confronting Robin about her donor, but before they could get too far into the conversation they were interrupted by Cassius who had found Epiphany collapsed in the staff lounge. As I've predicted, she played the role of medical professional being a lousy patient to the tee, but it only took a short pep talk from the orderly to get her to agree to Dr. Leo's tests. Any screen time with the cantankerous nurse is wonderful, but with any luck this heart attack story will devote more time to the recovery process than what we saw with Luke.

Luke went to Sonny and nearly begged the other man for a job. This just didn't feel authentic in any way, including the fact I've never known the senior Spencer to ever beg. Sonny is only where he is now because Luke eliminated Frank Smith. He shouldn't have nor would have turned down anything Luke asked if they were trying to stay true to the characters. I was glad to see Luke maintain his loyalty, however, when Claudia was offering cash for any inside information that could be used to take the Corinthos organization to its knees.

For any fan who remembers Sarah Brown as Carly it had to be a blast from the past to see Claudia in all of the old stomping grounds and interacting with the same people in similar situations. Yet, while it was fun at first, the wink and a nod to what was is becoming distracting. Are the writers trying to reinvent a Carly clone, or are they trying to get viewers to believe Brown in this new role? Instead of having her tempt Jason over a game of pool, can we allow Claudia to be her own woman with her own agenda, that doesn't center on getting Sonny between the sheets?

Half a week later, Mike finally got around to telling Sonny he caught Michael trying to buy bullets down on the docks. That's a model grandpa for you! Obviously, we see where Sonny gets it, as he wasn't much better. Busting into Michael's room just thirty seconds after he pulled the loaded gun out of his little brother's hands and shooed him off, Sonny confronted him about the gun.

Believing Michael's obvious lie that he was starting with buying bullets and didn't have a gun, Sonny then told him "if I ever hear of you having or see you with a gun, you better run." He followed that up with "I'm not gong to bother your mother with this." If the fact your teenage son is all about getting himself a gun isn't the type of thing you share with the child's mother, I'm not sure what is.

The one saving grace of a kids with guns storyline would have been if it was handled with care and quality writing. Instead, it appears it's going to be a sensationalized sweeps stunt. Or who knows — maybe this will be Michael's induction into the coffee importation business.

Under the same ol', same ol' category: Sam got quite indignant with Jason when he tried to question her about the accident. This was just moments before she was flirting with the Dr. Devlin (who wasn't doing anything to dissuade her attention). Even when Liz all but confesses to hitting Sam (something she is only guessing and doesn't have a clear memory of), Lucky still messes it up and wants to pin the whole thing on Jason.

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Kristina has a breakdown after seeing the text message killer outside the house. Jax has a very special Valentine's Day in store for Carly.

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