Sunday , May 19 2024
Liz nearly confesses but is she really guilty?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Liz’s All Consuming Guilt

While Lucky, Mac, and Mayor Floyd were hesitant to believe that Cooper was not the text-message killer, Alexis and Maxie were certain Sam was telling the truth and the maniac was still out there. Scott, on the other hand, had a very personal reason for trying to close and bury the case. If it is proven Cooper was innocent, Logan becomes the number one suspect on his radar.

While the cameras and characters focus in tight on Logan, I’m still not buying it. I’ll readily admit I want to see Logan stick around to work things out with Lulu and upset Luke, but my reasons go deeper than that – it's just too easy. If you’re going to give viewers a mystery, and drag it out for oh-so-long, than you need to make us work for the resolution.

In the other big, sweeps mystery of who ran down Sam, Liz’s guilty conscious was getting the best of her. I can’t imagine how she’d be acting if she actually remembered doing it. While doing her job as a nurse, and recording her vitals, Liz listened while Sam cried out in her sleep for the car to stop. Cracking under the pressure, “I’m sorry. I’m sorry,” spilled from her as Sam’s eyes popped open. I look for Sam to use that against her once she gets a little better and realizes she’s feeling guilty.

But much like the TMK, I don’t believe the easy answer is the right one. I still think it was probably Monica, although they are making her look guilty too. Not only do they get to persecute, and possibly prosecute, another Quartermaine but it could put Jason in a position of protecting either Liz or his mother.

As the episode came to a close, we got some cliffhangers worthy of a Friday in the form of a montage.

After receiving Stan’s ashes, Epiphany tried to remain strong and do her job, but failed. She collapsed in grief as her heart literally broke. This storyline will be tied in with Campbell’s soup campaign to shine a light on woman and heart disease. While I don’t suspect Epiphany will be a model patient, I do look for her to listen to her doctors and work to get healthy as she recovers.

Robin admitted to her Uncle Mac that her baby was not fathered anonymously but a man who did not want to be a father. Unbeknownst to her, Patrick was in earshot and listening in.

The most heart-stopping moment had to be watching young Morgan in Michael’s room looking under the bed. This was only moments after we watched Michael put the one bullet into the chamber of the gun he's been hiding there. I’m glad I don’t have to wait until Monday to see if someone stops Morgan before tragedy strikes.

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