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While trying to escape the TMK, Sam is run down. But just who was behind the wheel?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Hit and Run

After confronting Sam about her past behavior, Lucky throws Sam out of his house and out of his life, telling her he could never forgive her and he would never be able to trust her around his kids. Devastated, she goes for a walk along the docks where she receives a text-message saying "I'm not dead after all." She quickly dials Lucky, but believing the text-message killer to be the deceased Cooper Barrett, he accuses her of trying to manipulate him again and ignores her pleas.

While Claudia and Sonny were getting hot and heavy in the rented hotel room, Kate was baring her soul completely to Jax, telling him of her past with Sonny and her present. Not only were the scenes touching as Kate really took Sonny's words to heart, but they were also very telling of how much she deeply cares for him. The bonding between Jax and Kate is also a welcome change-up. It's very good to see friendships and relationships being formed across the show's cast.

After heeding Jason's warning that he believes the text-message killer was not Cooper, Carly also takes notice of a hot flash and upset stomach. Eyeing the fertility idol, Jax brought home from Hawaii, she runs to the hospital for a pregnancy test. Later, we see Carly driving home in the rain. With a tear on her cheek, her eyes keep turning from the road to the fertility idol on the dash. Suddenly, she slams on the brakes.

It's Tracy's turn to attack Monica in their ongoing battle, and this time she takes great pleasure in informing the doctor the hospital board has just suspended her surgical privileges. Tracy also calls Monica out on her excessive drinking, but infuriated she doesn't heed her sister-in-law's warning and gets behind the wheel of her car. Driving home along the waterfront in the driving rain, Monica takes her eyes off the road to unscrew the lid to her flask. She looks up, and slams on the brakes.

In the hospital, Liz awakes from another nightmare. This time she dreamt Sam was taking Jake away from her. Saying she can't stay in the hospital a moment longer, she checks herself out against medical advice and calls Jason asking him to meet her at the safe house. Jason, able to tell she's exhausted and upset, says he'll come pick her up, but she refuses, reminding him they can't be seen together. As she's driving along the waterfront, the driving rain pounding against her windshield, she begins to drift off to sleep behind the wheel.

So, I'm guessing you noticed a pattern in the previous three paragraphs. Well, here's the payoff. Sam, after an initial attack by the TMK, breaks loose as runs from him. Twice more he catches her and they tussle, both times she escapes him, but the last time she pulls away from him she finds herself thrown in the middle of the street in the path of an oncoming car. She is hit, and her body rolls up and over the windshield.

As we push into February sweeps we have another mystery to go along with the TMK case. Which of the above woman hit Sam? Both Carly and Liz have issues with her, and if it is one of them, Sam could easily make a case that is was on purpose. If it was Monica, her medical license is at stake as well as her freedom. This little mystery might actually be fun to watch play out.

Scoops, Rumors, and Spoilers

Beyond the three suspects we've witnessed nearly hit something while driving in the rain, there will be one more player thrown into the mix this coming week. It seems Nikolas left the hospital mid-rage and can't account for the time while Sam is hit. I'm assuming damage to his car is going to make him suspect he mowed down his cousin. He won't be the only one with a guilty conscious as Liz will wonder if it was her (she fell asleep at the wheel) and Monica will report her car stolen (in an attempt to cover up the fact she was in an accident while under the influence.)

Rumors of someone being shot by either Michael or Morgan are still very sketchy, so much so that not only is the trigger person not sure, but also the victim. Will Michael's little brother mortally wound himself or will Kate be the accidental victim? I've used this space numerous times to speak out against the excessive gun use on the show, and have to say I'm not looking forward to this story at all. However, if they go down this road, I hope they have the good sense to temper it with careful and cautious storytelling that makes a point about just how dangerous guns are.

This week Michael will be caught trying to buy the bullets for his gun and lectured by Sonny. Apparently the boy is as boneheaded as his father and will not take the words to heart.

When Logan catches Lulu and Johnny in a romantic moment, he will aggressively take his anger out on Lulu. While searching Cooper's room for clues, Maxie and Spinelli will happen across Logan's dog tags. Do this add up to Logan being the TMK? Time will tell.

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