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Sam is kicked to the curb by Lucky; hurt by Sonny, Kate confides in Jax.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Fallout

Devastated by the truths he learned about Sam, Lucky eventually went home and confronted her about her schemes and scams. Sam tried to explain, but Lucky was resolute in the fact that nothing she could say would make him forgive her, or allow him to ever trust her with the boys. He asked her to leave and declared them over.

It's the bed she made and the consequence she deserved, but part of me can't help but hope something will draw them back together. They are similarly wounded by the people around them, and have a keen understanding of each other that no one else does. In the end I think they could be good for each other, that is if Liz and Lucky don't find themselves drawn back together throughout this. I doubt that scenario is truly in the cards. Liaison fans, do not fear, your time is just around the corner.

Nikolas went to Jason wanting to know if he believed Cooper to be Emily's killer. Jason confided that he didn't and added that he didn't believe it was Nikolas who killed Emily either. Emily appeared to Nikolas and encouraged him to relive the moment in his mind to force a memory. By the flash in his eyes, it seemed to work, but he wasn't sharing what he remembered.

Later Nadine watched from a distance as Nikolas continued to interact with his visions of Emily in the hospital corridor. If you believe that Nikolas will chose living over dying with Emily, than you must believe Nadine will be a pivotal part of his grieving and recovery process (after the tumor is removed). In some ways I can't put my finger on, Nadine reminds me of Courtney, so it should be an interesting love affair to watch blossom this spring.

Kate, sincerely devastated by the things Sonny had said to her, found herself walking around, when she ran into Jax. As they sat and talked, Kate opened up to him as she has to only Sonny in the past, looking for the connection with her humanity that Sonny accused her of locking up behind the persona of Kate Howard.

Watching this character grow has been interesting as well as entertaining and as she sets down roots in Port Charles, and makes true friends, I hope we will see her and Sonny find their way back to each other, because as Alexis stated the other day, she may be the woman who finally tames Sonny.

Sonny dealt with his grief in a very predictable way — picking up a woman in a bar and hitting the sheets. Though no names given can keep the purely physical just that, I think this time Sonny would have liked to know the woman in his bed was the enemy – Claudia Zaccharra. (Welcome back, Sara Brown.)

Coming up: As February sweeps kicks in to high gear, it's going to be all about the mob. Yeah,I know, not much different than normal. Things will heat up between the Corinthos organization and the Zaccharas, with Claudia taking control of her father's empire and doing battle (in more than one way) with Sonny.

Also, look for a resolution in the TMK storyline (finally!) and for Nikolas to decide if he will let his tumor kill him in the name of his love for Emily.

Though there were rumors we'd get a romantic Valentine's Day wedding, I just don't see any current storyline heading in that direction. Maybe by spring and possibly between two doctors.

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