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It was Cooper's DNA under Georgie's fingernails, but does that make him the text-message killer?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Cooper’s Guilty?

Wednesdays are typically slower plotline days and yesterday’s episode didn’t really hold my interest at all. The only “big reveal” is certain to be a misdirection given to throw us off the track of the real text-message killer.

Ric’s trip to the house he grew up in left him remembering his troubled past with Sonny and building a relationship with a new woman who has a gift for knowing how people like their coffee. Seems just too weird for me, I’m guessing the mysterious feminine stranger is somehow tied to Trevor Lansing. How else would big, bad Dad know exactly where his son was?

Nikolas’ decision to not have surgery on his brain tumor is one that will certainly kill him, but he seems more than content to spend his last whacked out days with hallucinations of Emily. Nadine seems to have her own painful loss hidden away in the locket she’s wearing and feels a direct kinship to the ailing prince. We already know Nadine lost her father during a routine surgery and her sister Jolene lost her life saving Spinelli during the final episode of Night Shift, but I don’t think it’s either one of them who she holds close to her heart. Seems pretty obvious to me if Nikolas does recover from this tumor, it will be Nadine who plays a huge roll in helping to heal his heart.

In order to nurse Johnny back to health, Lulu took him to the Haunted Star where the two hid out and she cared for him. Meanwhile, Jason stole a few late-night minutes in Liz’s hospital room to tell her that he’s realized the violence surrounding his life isn’t the only danger that exists for Jake. He emptied his heart and told her he wanted to be with the two of them. Liz, of course, stood fast in her stance that they must protect Jake and keep his paternity a secret. Jason agreed to maintain the secret, but his walls are crumbling. This isn’t going to be something Jason can live with for too much longer.

Shortly after the DNA test results went missing, Alexis was attacked on the docks by the text-message killer. Lucky for her, Sam was close by to fight off the phone-cord wielding man in black (including the ski mask) and call for help. Later, mother and daughter received simultaneous text messages. Alexis’ read “Now you’ll die slow.” Sam’s said “And you will watch.”

While Scott was accusing Logan of taking the missing report to hold over Johnny’s head, we saw Cooper opening the paper that revealed his was a match for the DNA found under Georgie’s fingernails. Though it would seem open and shut, I don’t really expect this case to wrap up that neatly.

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