Tuesday , May 28 2024
While Mac ripped into Felicia, the DNA evidence on the TMK went missing.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Missing DNA

Sam dropped in on Lucky and found him caring for baby Jake while Liz still recovered in the hospital. She again offered him apologies for telling the huge secret to Carly, the biggest mouth in town. It surprised me that he didn’t offer Sam thanks for all she did with Joe to make sure Jake got the treatment he needed, but he did invite her back to the house later for dinner, so I guess he’s willing to put the past behind them and move forward with her. Sam probably shouldn’t get too comfortable though, not unless she’s willing to tell Lucky all of her secrets before someone else (read Liz) does.

Everyone was looking for Johnny, but it was Lulu who found him in what appeared to be Alcazar’s warehouses on the docks. Injured from the boat explosion, she begged him to let her care for him before running to the hospital to get advice from Liz, who directed her to an easily accessible supply closet in the ER where she could lift some antibiotics. First of all, as recently as last summer’s Night Shift, where we first saw the bustling ER in action, all the medications were under lock and key (as they should be). Second, Liz has never been one to advise anyone to just steal some medications from the hospital, and Lulu gave her no reason to act so out of character now. At least I need more of a reason than she wanted Lulu to take the drawing of Jake to Jason for his birthday and wanted Lulu to owe her one.

Maybe she was still upset from Carly busting into her hospital room telling her she was going to have her declared an unfit mother so Jason could be with his son. Talk about throwing stones from a glass house; Carly has no room to give anyone parenting lessons, not with both her kids nearly drowning on several occasions. Nu-Jax showed up and told Liz Carly would be doing no such thing, before he dragged her home and again chastised her for sticking her nose in Jason’s business. Jason arrived just in time to second Jax’s motion, and after laying into Carly yet again, she appeared to get the picture this time.

Thankfully, for me anyway, Jax was called away to the Hawaii hotel. Hopefully when he returns he looks like Ingo Rademacher again instead of the replacement.

I was hoping we’d get a peek at another new face, but we have yet to see the faceless guy with the wing tattoo on his shoulder. It does appear he’s holding something over Jerry’s head though.

Mac could no longer hold his tongue and lashed out at Felicia, showing he is just as angry at her as Maxie for the way she deserted her family for all those years she was playing super cop with Frisco. Too bad while he was unburdening his heart, someone made off with the DNA results from the scrapings taken from Georgie’s fingernails. Logan seemed pretty interested in the file while he was at the police station visiting Scott, but that really seems too easy. Maybe the police will be able to pick up some more evidence seeing as the text-message killer has struck again, grabbing Alexis at episode’s end.

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