Friday , April 19 2024
Jerry's shipment blows up in the harbor and Sonny burns his past down.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Blow It Up and Burn It Down

On bended knee, Sonny asked Kate to marry him. She tried to rationalize the moment, too many ghosts from the past were clouding their judgment, but Sonny insisted they could now have what once eluded them. In her hesitation, however, he was devastated and reacted in true Sonny style. So much for having that bi-polar disorder under control! I can understand upset but buying the restaurant they ate dinner in so he could burn it down (not to mention having the theater torn apart)? I can’t be the only one who found that extreme.

I want Sonny to be right. I want these two to figure out how to make their very different worlds co-exist and I want Kate to realize she can be at the top of her game professionally and still be in love. Would I complain if Sonny gave up organized crime for her? No! But I think we all know that’s not going to happen.

Together, Patrick and Robin delivered the news to Nikolas that his tumor can cause hallucinations as well as making the mind believe he can touch and smell things that are not there. They believe with a drug and surgical protocol they can eliminate the tumor and his life will go back to normal. What they don’t know is Nikolas is unwilling to choose life over his hallucinations of Emily – even with her encouragement. Will something happen to give Nikolas a reason to live? I’m hoping so, but I’m skeptical. With all the casting cuts that have been made lately, it wouldn’t surprise me at all if Nikolas chooses to die for love.

Still shell-shocked over the news that she is pregnant, Robin rightly concluded there must be a faulty condom to blame. Given her HIV status she knew she had to talk to Patrick about what had happened so he could be tested. As she went to talk to him, she overheard him talking to Leo about how Leyla wanted to start things up again and it was a good thing he had been tested after the condom broke during his encounter with Robin. I’m not sure which devastated her more, the fact Patrick hadn’t been completely honest with her or that he was with Leyla again. I understand her reasons for staying quiet about it now, he’s been such a jerk on the whole paternity issue, but I’m hoping this is not drug out for a year plus as we saw with Liz, Jason, and baby Jake.

From the monastery to the boat that is hauling whatever Jerry is bringing into Port Charles for the faceless guy with the wing tattoo, Logan and Lulu were held captive and Johnny was trying to rescue them – well mostly Lulu, I’m sure. I have no clue how they got there or how Spinelli got to Jason, they must have dropped some scenes between Friday and Monday’s episode, but there you have it. A surprise to no one, Jason saved the day and rescued Lulu and Logan from the boat. Johnny, however stayed behind to handle something.

At episode’s end, Lulu watched in horror as the boat exploded in the harbor, leaving us all to wonder if Johnny got off in time.

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