Wednesday , February 28 2024
Sonny takes Kate down memory lane. Nikolas is tortured by memories of Emily on her birthday.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Memory Lane

As Sonny took Kate on a walk down memory lane, revisiting the Italian restaurant where they spent their first date, we got a glimpse of how their love blossomed back then, and how it's still strong all these years later. It was pretty predictable he would pull that little black velvet box from his pocket, no doubt an engagement ring, and also expected he would be too nervous to pop the question right away.

Will the interference of the big stereotypical restaurant owner put a damper on the evening and yet again remind Kate how their current worlds collide? I'd like to see Kate realize she's happier with Sonny, danger and all, than she is in her cold isolated publishing world. I'd also like to see Sonny realize no sacrifice is too big for Kate and his children and give up the mob business to do, oh I don't know, how about really import coffee. Yeah, I know, fat chance.

Still seemingly oblivious to the fact the ER is being held by a mad guy with a bomb strapped to him, Patrick, Robin, and Nadine worked to find answers to Nikolas' rage, while Nikolas sought comfort in his images of Emily. Robin scoffed at Patrick's idea to push Nikolas into one of his rages so he could get a blood panel during one for comparison, but he persisted anyway. Hopefully, the sucker punch to the stomach was worth the possible diagnosis.

While Jason continued to try and talk Joe-the-human-bomb down, Monica and Leo worked to stop the bleeding in Elizabeth's leg, while Epiphany and Cassious kept baby Jake breathing. Dr. Lee was having a bit more trouble with Joe's wife as it became more and more obvious their baby was in real trouble.

Jason had nearly talked Joe into standing down, with Dr. Ford's assurance that he could stay with his wife until everything was okay, until Nikolas stumbled into the ER, still in one of his rages. How he got into a locked down ER is beyond me, but of course he stirred things up with his raging anger and his desire to join his Emily in death. At episode's end he attacked Joe, whose finger was still on the detonator.

We'll have to tune in today to see if Jason will be able to play hero yet again.

A Look Ahead
Even with Nikolas' interference, the mighty Jason will save the day.

Who's Leaving? Who's Coming
Recent reports in Soap Opera Digest and ABC Soaps indicate that Jason Gerhardt (Cooper Barrett) will be making a dramatic exit in the coming weeks. Once rumoured to be the Text Message Killer and a catalyst to bring the much beloved Brenda Barrett back onscreen, it now seems the character will meet an untimely demise. He will be found hanging by girlfriend Maxie Jones shortly after being accused of lifting the DNA file related to Georgie Jone's murder.

Sarah Brown (who previously played Carly) will make her endurance January 31 as Claudia, sister to Johnny Z.

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