Friday , April 12 2024
Will Jason be able to save Monica from Joe-the-human-bomb's grip?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Outbursts and Rage

With some slick talking, Sam convinced Joe to let the doctors treat Liz and Jake at the same time they took care of his wife. I wonder if Liz felt the least bit bad about all the grief she’s given her, not that she didn’t deserve it. I also wonder if she or Jason will thank her for helping Jake.

Jason took his turn at talking Joe down too, and was actually making some headway with the human bomb until he noticed Sam, Monica, Edward, and Dr. Ford talking close. So to retaliate, Joe pulled Monica to him saying we’ll see if the disdain she feels for Jason is mutual. Meanwhile, thanks to an inside tip from Mayor Floyd, Scott positioned Lucky in the hospital with orders to end the situation quickly and quietly, adding if Jason Morgan became a casualty of the event, so be it. My guess? Lucky will (yet again) mess it up and Jason (yet again) will be the superhero of the day. Big yawn.

Upstairs, the staff seemed unaware of the situation in the ER, other than it was in a lock down state. Nikolas learned the board meeting was delayed because half the board hadn’t arrived, sending him into another rage and causing him to lash out at Patrick and shove Robin to the ground. When Patrick tried to help Robin up and insist she be checked out, she dismissed him much as Leyla had earlier but with more hurt and less anger. As to Leyla’s outburst? I have a feeling she’s going to turn into a creepy psycho stalker intent on hurting the playboy doctor soon.

It seems Alexis and Diane made it back from their road trip to a biker bar, neither having won Litigator of the Year, but a bond of friendship firmly in place. I agree with Ric, it is “scary on so many levels” but it is also oh-so-delicious to watch.

Sonny violated his restraining order and returned to the island of Manhattan, intent on taking Kate for a night on the town. Admitting they’ve become lost in a struggle trying to fit into each other’s worlds, he’s promised her a third alternative. A world they can share? Bensonhurst anyone?

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