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Will Joe blow up himself and the emergency room at General Hospital?

Making The Rounds at General Hospital – Impending Explosion

As Tracy became aware Luke was gone, she tried to mask her hurt and fear with anger, lashing out at just about everyone who crossed her path. Unfortunately, that pain clouded her vision and she seemed to buy into the story Logan told her about Lulu going off to meet up with Luke.

Meanwhile, Spinelli finally bounced back from the cold medicine-induced coma and received his voice mail from the captured Lulu. In the end, he teamed up with Johnny and Logan and the three began to form a plan to rescue her. Is it just me or is this scenario getting old? Lulu gets in trouble and at least three guys bail her out, all three vying for her attention while she ends up treating all of them like dirt. Somehow, I see Johnny getting the savior credits on this one, even though he's the reason she was grabbed in the first place. The question is will that be the final nail in the coffin that is her relationship with Logan.

In order to gauge Anthony's mental and physical health, Jason made his way up to the hospital for the criminally insane where Anthony played mind games with him and kept ranting and raving about how he can move his foot now. Of course he doesn't move it for his visitors while claiming he is, making him look all the more batty, but the cameras have seen him do it and this can't be good for the residents of Port Charles.

Joe the human bomb continued to threaten the ER and its patients in an attempt to get help for his wife. Sam tried to talk him down while Dr. Ford insisted he would not and could not treat him without health insurance. When his wife collapsed, Epiphany stepped in insisting she was going to care for the patient and if Dr. Ford had a problem with it, he could take it up with her after the crisis. Epiphany is so good at taking control and prioritizing, but sometimes it seems like she makes extreme decisions for a head nurse. At least the convicted behavior is tempered with usual dedication to her craft, keeping it in the realm of believable.

Liz broke a window in order to get into the burning house and rescue Jake. The downside was she cut her leg on the broken window, though she didn't even seem to notice. Worried about smoke inhalation, Liz left Cameron with the neighbor and rushed Jake to the hospital, walking in on the hostage situation in the emergency room.

A Side Note: Today was the first of three episodes where we saw Gideon Emery step into the role of Jasper Jacks. I realize he was cast for only three episodes, but it was quite discerning to see Jax age at least ten years, become ever so serious and trade in his light Aussie accent for a stern British one. Hurry back Ingo Rademacher.

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