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Will it be heaven, hell, or back to his normal existence?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Luke Faces His Judgment Day

As I previewed yesterday, the Cuban cigar that Ernesto sneaked into Luke's hospital room sent him into cardiac arrest. Not too bright a move from someone who's had two open heart surgeries, including a quadruple bypass. In his previous near death experiences Luke has seen heaven and hell, so what was left but for him to face his final judgment?

What made today's scenes even more delightful was the fact Tony Geary played a total of five roles: the judge, the prosecutor, the defense attorney, himself, and a feminine bailiff. As most of the characters Luke Spencer has touched over the years got up on the stand and told how the man had wronged them in one way or another, Luke envisioned being sent back to his hell of caring for grandkids and playing miniature golf with the Police Commissioner. Thank goodness Tracy had a change of heart and reminded her cohorts that for as much trouble as Luke's been, he's also been their savior a time or two. So, it was back to his existence he went, only to have Tracy threaten his life again, with good reason.

The important question is the only thing that remains. Will Luke Spencer learn from these experiences? As fun as they've been to watch, if no lesson is learned, then what's the point?

Alexis' joy over being nominated for Woman Litigator of the Year was short-lived when Sam called to say she couldn't watch Kristina and Molly. It was rather callous of her to carry on about who she could find to replace her in front of Molly's father, but also typical of Alexis. When Ric pointed out he was an obvious choice, Alexis apologized for the anger she still harbored from the divorce. All of this happened under Skye's watchful eye. She seemed moved by the obvious connection between the two and I'm guessing this will play a role in her upcoming departure from Port Charles.

As we all suspected yesterday, the accident Epiphany heard on her end of the phone was a fatal one for her son Stan. Thanks to a little help from superman Jason and Spinelli, they were able to track the car through the GPS and lead State Patrol officers to the scene of the crash from over 1,500 miles away. Epiphany was, of course, devastated and everyone who works around her rallied to support the woman in her loss. As the camera panned to Spinelli's face, however, it seemed to mirror my own feelings.

I'm sick of seeing death. There have been way too many characters killed off in the last year. Granted, Stan was already off the canvas with no plans of the role being recast, but it was still sad watching another mother grieve for her child. Some have suggested it's the time of year when shows have to make budget cuts. I only hope they are done trimming soon.

On that note, it's been awfully quiet on the text-message killer front.

A Look at Tomorrow

Diane and Alexis vying for the same award, IF they can ever get out of the biker bar!

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