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Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A New Year, Same Ol’ Stories

As the clock struck midnight on Monday's episode of General Hospital it occurred to me that there really wasn't too much that was new or innovative to look forward to, at least for the time being. I've said it several times to friends and family in the last few weeks, and now I'll say it here. If we don't get a satisfying ending to the text-message killer storyline, I may not be able to continue watching.  I'm used to small story arcs being fudged or even dropped, but we've devoted so much time to this one, I feel we deserve a good payoff.

Before my year-end hiatus here and my holiday vacation we lost Georgie to the serial killer. I miss Georgie, even though we have seen some proactive scenes in her absence. It's been heart wrenching to watch Spinelli realize Georgie was in love with him and ponder all the would haves and could haves. Maxie's anger with Felicia is actually justified and is something more than a spoiled brat stomping her feet (the usual Maxie fare). Maybe there is hope for some fresh turns. I hope so because the hole in the cast left by  Lindze Letherman's departure has been huge.

Today, when Alexis took the time to ask Maxie how she was doing it was a very human moment. One we see too infrequently. Alexis walking in on Skye and Ric and tussling over files with Jerry both emphasized just how well Nancy Lee Grahn does comedy. I'm looking forward to the scenes with Alexis and Diane when they realize they are competing against each other for litigator of the year. Is their really a litigator of the year award? The concept seemed very far fetched to me, but it so much fun when these two play off each other I can forgo the leap to get us there.

Jerry's new double persona as  Mr. Moreau, drug overlord and head of yet another crime family, is more of the same old mob ground we see too much of already. It was a believable leap, don't get me wrong. Jerry can be so twisted and evil, of course he's involved in organized crime. I was just hoping we'd see less of these types of story and more stories rooted in the core families and the hospital. Shouldn't the success last summer of the Soapnet spinoff General Hospital: Night Shift tell the powers that be the audience loves the medical mixed with interpersonal relationships?

Today, he ordered a hit on Stan and we watched Epiphany, who has been quite worried about her son, hear the (deadly) car crash as she talked to him on the phone. The only good that can come out of this is more scenes for Epiphany.

And then there's Nikolas, his brain tumor, and his visions of Emily. So, the conclusion to the "Would You Die For Love" storyline that kicked off with the black and white ball is going to conclude with Nikolas making that ultimate choice. Does he have brain surgery and no longer be able to see, hear, and touch Emily or does he let the tumor kill him, spending the remainder of his days enjoying her company? It sounds like a good enough premise and I must say watching them act as though they are a young couple in a new love has been fun, but then a little creepy when you remember that's a dead woman he's hugging and kissing on.

Looking ahead to tomorrow
We've seen Luke as he's endured his version of hell and we were treated to a piece of heaven when he saw himself as a lounge singer at the pearly gates. Tomorrow, the Cuban cigar he snuck today will throw him into another cardiac arrest in which he's going to face his own judgment day. In a story that only Tony Geary could pull off, he will play judge, jury, defendant, and prosecutor.

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