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The text-message killer strikes again. Trevor sets his traps with hoping Johnny and Sonny will take each other out.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Text-Message Killer Strikes Again

On Friday’s General Hospital:

While Spinelli, Jason, and the PCPD try to unravel the mystery, the text-message killer strikes again. Trevor sets a couple traps with the hopes of igniting a mob war.

Lucky dropped by Sam’s apartment to tell her he changed his mind and thinks it would be a good idea to move forward and move in together. Sam continued to play like moving in on Liz’s territory was the last thing on her mind, while manipulating Lucky to get just that.

I’m sure that as Sam manipulates her way into Lucky’s life and house, Elizabeth will have something to say, if she’s not too busy spending her time with Jason to notice, that is.

As Spinelli explained to Jason how Georgie and he suspect Cooper is the text-message killer, Jason told Spinelli he believes Georgie’s interested in more than friendship. Spinelli was in disbelief at first, then very flattered, and finally now seems anxious to pursue something with the girl. Meanwhile, agreeing that the piece they’ve put together are damning, Jason heads over to Cooper’s room above Kelly’s to check it out.

After telling Cooper that Sam gave them the use of her penthouse for the night, Maxie went to prepare for an evening of romance. When Georgie received a text that appeared to be from the text-message killer saying “tell you sis to meet me at the park,” she decided to go herself to try and confirm her suspicions.

At episode’s end, someone was coming into Cooper’s apartment, which Jason was snooping in too. Maxie was in the hot tub, waiting for Cooper and turned around, seemingly shocked to see whomever was standing there. Georgie, waiting in the park, quickly dialed 911 on her cell phone when she heard suspicious noises, then turned to say, “Oh, I’m glad it’s you.” Which one will actually stumble across the text-message killer and will he successfully claim another victim this time?

Also at episode’s end, Johnny and Lulu found themselves in peril on the docks, while Sonny was in the sights of a sniper’s gun at the Metro-Court, both traps set by Trevor to ignite a mob war.

411 Recap and Preview

Spoiler Alert!

Felicia and Dillon will both return to Port Charles for Georgie’s funeral. Maxie will unleash years of pent up anger and pain on her mother while Dillon and Felicia will find a connection. Robin will promise Felicia to help Maxie through her grief, and she will find comfort in Patrick’s arms.

Though there have been plenty of spoilers pointing to Cooper as the text message killer, some are saying several different conclusions have been filmed and nothing has been written in stone yet. Making things even more dicey is the continuing writer’s strike. Because new scripts are in the hands of others, there is no telling what twists and turns future episodes will take.

Due to Holiday travels, “Making the Rounds…” will be on hiatus until the New Year.

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