Friday , May 24 2024
Spinelli and Georgi suspect Cooper is the text-message killer.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – War Hero or Text-Message Killer

On Thursday’s General Hospital:

Georgie and Spinelli began to suspect Cooper is the text-message killer while Maxie insisted that Cooper is trustworthy. The mob war between Sonny and the Zaccharas continued to brew.

After talking to Logan and having Spinelli confirm that Cooper was an obsessive personality while he was in the military in Iraq, Georgie asked Maxie how well she really knew Coop and encouraged her to be careful around him. Maxie of course dismissed her little sister's warnings, even when Georgie outlined why she suspected Cooper might be the text-message killer.

Brains are one thing we've never accused Maxie of having a lot of. Is she completely ignoring the fact that she met this guy when he was holding her at gunpoint in the safe at the Metro Court during the hostage crisis? Though I suppose that does make him an easy suspect in our eyes, maybe too easy, but right now he's at the top of my personal list. The only thing I'm not sure of is if he's been working on his own or if he's under some one else's orders.

Lucky warned Sam to be especially careful, fearing she may be on the text-message killer's hit list for her association with Jason. When Sam tried to manipulate that situation and convince Lucky to move in with her, he declined, saying he didn't want to move to fast and ruin things. Wow. First smart move I've seen Lucky make in a long while. Later Sam offered Maxie the use of her apartment for a romantic evening with Cooper. Is she giving the killer another opportunity to take Maxie out?

Johnny stood up to Trevor for trying to initiate a mob war with Sonny and told his attorney he was going to negotiate a peaceful settlement with the Corinthos clan. In retaliation, and to try and keep control of Johnny, Trevor ordered one of the henchmen to take out Lulu when she and Johnny fall for the pre-arranged trap he set. It won't be too hard to get Lulu to fall either. As hard as she's working to rebuild her relationship with Logan, she's still very attracted to Johnny and she's just vowed not to worry her father while he's recovering from heart surgery too

When Alexis delivered a restraining order to Sonny from Kate, Sonny demanded Alexis stay out of his relationship with the other woman.

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