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Luke endures a hell of his own making before being saved by Dr. Julian.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Luke’s Afterlife

On Wednesday’s General Hospital:

Luke endures a hell of his own making before being saved by Dr. Julian. After Jason threatens to kill Trevor, he strikes back. The result is a mob war

Seeing Emily in the faces of everyone in the operating room, Monica froze and Dr. Julian had to step in and try and save Luke. With Skye as his guide in what was a twist of A Christmas Carol and It's a Wonderful Life, Luke got a glimpse of his own personal hell. Now a grandfather, stuck babysitting for Lulu and Logan's children, he discovered he had lost Tracy to Scott as a direct result of his womanizing and adventure seeking.

He regained consciousness just as the episode ended, so whether or not he learned anything from the experience, time will only tell. It almost goes without saying that Geary turned in an exceptional performance, and it was quite comical to see Luke Spencer's disdain at being put into a mundane lifestyle and a caricature of what he's afraid he will have to become after the surgery.

When Trevor threatened someone else close to Jason, he put a gun to his head. Lucky for Trevor, Spinelli showed up and served as the voice of reason. Later, Johnny showed up at Jason's wanting to know why he sent his lawyer over to get him out of jail. When Jason explained he believed Johnny was innocent and he didn't want the police chasing the wrong leads, Johnny's response was that it didn't guarantee peace between their businesses.

While Jason went to Sonny to report on his meetings with both Trevor and Johnny, Johnny told Trevor he wanted a truce with the Corinthos organization, only to learn Trevor had made the first move in a mob war. We later learned Sonny's latest shipment had been derailed, two of their men had been killed, and one was critically injured.

So the mob war is officially on. Not bad timing considering the PCPD is wrapped up in the text-message killer case, especially with the police commissioner's daughter being the latest intended victim. It's the other daughter, Georgie, however who has the ability to put the clues together. At episode's end she took all of the clues over to Spinelli hoping he can help her trace them back to her prime suspect – Cooper.

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