Monday , April 22 2024
For Luke Spencer, heaven can wait.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Monica Freezes, Luke’s Heart Stops

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

After Monica tells Luke his time is running out and she needs to do his quadruple bypass immediately, Tracy still insists they wait for Dr. Julian, believing Monica is too caught up in her grief over Emily to perform in the operating room.

Luke asks Bobby if she thinks Monica is up to the surgery, and she confirms she is. So after talking to Lucky, Lulu, and Skye, he is wheeled off to the OR. Meanwhile Nadine and Regina are assigned to surgical rotation and Nadine voices concern about her itchy elbow that has long been a predictor of death.

True to Tracy's worst fears, Monica freezes up when she believes Emily is in the OR operating with her. Luke's heart stops, and after being surrounded by white light, he finds himself in a white room with a very angelic-looking Skye. She tells him it's not heaven he's destined for, and when he asks about the sound of bells ringing, she asks if he's ever heard the term Hell's bells.

Certainly after the life he's lived, it wouldn't be heaven Luke would be going to, now would it, but it didn't look to be all fire and brimstone. Seems when we tune into Luke's supposed afterlife today, I think we (and he) will be getting glimpses of a very average and sedate life.

Certain Johnny is the text-message killer, Mac tells Lucky to bring him in for a line-up, hoping Maxie or Georgie will be able to identify him. Despite the intended victim and witness being in the room when Johnny is brought in (and attacked by Mac), the line-up went ahead, but neither Georgie nor Maxie were willing to say for sure it was Johnny who tried to strangle Maxie.

Jason had his own agenda for asking Diane to go over and get Johnny released, but Johnny was quite impressed with the way Diane handles the PCPD, and irritated with Trevor for not jumping to his aid. Later, Trevor warns Jason someone else he cares about may die if he doesn't stay away from Johnny.

Jason doesn't believe Johnny is the text-message killer – neither do I for that matter – but if Trevor's threat is supposed to make us turn our eyes to him, I'm not falling for it. I think the three who were in black on Monday's episode are your prime suspects, with Cooper looking more and more guilty all the time.

After being released from police custody, Johnny went to the hospital to support Lulu during her father's surgery and found her in Logan's arms. Meanwhile, Georgie spied Cooper outside Kelly's sending a text message, and began to grow suspicious.

Coming Up…
Jason and Sonny accept that a mob war with the Zaccharas is inevitable. Leo saves the day, and Luke. Georgie begins to suspect Cooper is the text-message killer.

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