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Patrick and Robin can't find their way back together, as Luke gives in and agrees to open-heart surgery.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Choices

On Thursday’s General Hospital:

Patrick and Robin can't find their way back to each other, as Luke gives in and agrees to open heart surgery.

When Alexis found Leyla in Jerry's bed, he swore to his attorney there was nothing going on, and begged her to stay and help counsel the still drunk and broken-hearted nurse. After whining and crying about how men are dogs and ambitious women are maligned for wanting to make a life for themselves, Leyla passed out and Jerry accused Alexis of being jealous.  He tried to prove his point by forcing a kiss on her. After slapping him, Alexis left the hotel room and called Patrick, informing him Leyla was with Jerry.

Patrick had been at Jake's and after receiving anger and belittlement from the ladies, tried once again to defend his position to Robin, who in turn rambled on and on about her desire to have a child. They had once again reached an impasse when Alexis' call came in, and Patrick dashed off to help the woman who not so long ago took a bullet for him.

I felt like I was watching some black and white sitcom like Leave it to Beaver the way the women were carrying on about needing men and children. I'd like to think every scene from Leyla dancing on the pool table to Robin's weeping were casualties of the writer's strike, but unfortunately they were laden with Guza's fingerprints. Need I remind him the majority of the daytime drama audience is female and we want to watch Leyla dancing on a pool table about as much as we want to watch Liz and Sam ripping each other's ball gowns?

Thinking Sonny had sent one of his goons over to scare her, Kate knocked the intruder in the head with a vase, rendering him unconscious. She then called Sonny over to collect his employee. Turns out, it wasn't one of Sonny's people, but the interior decorator she had hired, Renee. Deciding being hit in the head with vases and Sonny's talk of Kate's life being in danger from his enemies wasn't good for his health, Renee decided to quit, even after Sonny threatened to break his legs if he did.

Though watching Sonny turn on the charm (and his dimples) to try and persuade Kate to see things his ways, threatening to break the legs of an interior designer named Renee was extreme. No wonder Kate has closed the romantic door until Sonny can respect her boundaries. The problem is, Sonny has a valid point. As much as Kate wants to deny it, her life is in danger just by her mere association with him.

While Lucky and Detective Harper questioned Trevor about Johnny's involvement with the text message killings, Johnny was meeting with Lulu at the bridge. While they talked about the choices Johnny had made, and those he refused to make, Luke showed up, having escaped from the hospital. Drinking heavily, he gave a little speech about living life on his own terms, before collapsing from another heart attack. After being rushed back to the hospital, Luke finally agreed to have the bypass surgery.

Coming Up…

Kate hires Alexis in an attempt to make Sonny back off. Trevor wants to do business with Skye. Is Maxie the next target of the text-message killer?

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