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Sonny and Jason want Johnny to walk away from his father's business, as Leyla walks away from Patrick.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Walking Away

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

Sonny and Jason want Johnny to walk away from his father's business, as Leyla walked away from Patrick.

It's hard to tell if Johnny really wants to run his daddy's business or if he just doesn't know what else to do, but when Sonny came offering him a way out, Johnny shut him down cold.  Later, he made sure Trevor knew it was he who was in charge. Perceiving Johnny as a wild card, Jason and Sonny braced for a mob war.

At least I feel there is risk and danger with this threat, unlike the countless mob wars we watched between Sonny and Alcazar. Johnny should heed Sonny's words of warning. He has certainly lost a lot for his place in organized crime and Johnny now has a chance to turn away and have a normal future, possibly with Lulu.

Jason and Liz mutually decided it was best for the kids if he's not involved in their lives. Even when Spinelli tried convincing him otherwise, Jason stood firm in his decision, telling his friend he never wanted Jake to be in danger or end up like Johnny. Later, Lucky showed up at Jason's door and told the other man he'd resume the role as Jake's dad as long as he stayed away from the kids and Liz.

In all honesty, I respect Jason and Liz for putting the children's safety first, but who are they fooling? Everyone knows they are not going to stay apart, and after hearing this same ol' song and dance for so long, I'm more than ready to see what happens when they give a relationship a try. I'm still thinking the signs are pointing to Jason trying to make a break for the mob for Liz and Jake's sake.

When Lucky poured his heart to Sam about spending time with the kids and his desire for her to be a part of that, she manipulated it for all it was worth, assuring him she would spend part of the holidays with Lucky and the kids. When Alexis asked her to be available to Nikolas through the holidays, she agreed, but told her of her Christmas Eve plans with Lucky.

Fresh from his rejection by Robin, Patrick invited Leyla to dinner and was immediately, bitterly declined. For a minute, I was cheering her on for being smart and independent and seeing his dog-like behavior for what it was, but when Nadine took her to Jake's to blow off steam, she drowned herself in vodka and carried on about how gorgeous and brilliant Patrick was. These two weren't the only ones with Jake's on their mind. Liz, Robin, Kelly, and Lainey decided to go drink a toast to Emily. Imagine their surprise when they walked in and saw Leyla had entered the amateur table dancer contest — so much for being an independent, strong woman.

As Nikolas went to the hospital and learned Patrick had secured an appointment with a specialist for him, and later as he went to the bridge, Emily was by his side. Nikolas is convinced she is a side effect of his illness, but doesn't want to admit to the doctors he's seeing her for fear they will fix the problem and he will lose her again. Emily agreed that if he told the doctors he saw dead people, he would probably end up institutionalized.

Coming Up…

Jason flexes his muscle and tried to convince Johnny to step aside. Under the influence, Elizabeth gives Patrick a piece of her mind. Alexis finds Jerry in bed and not alone.

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