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Jax's surprises Carly with a vacation. Jason tells Liz he loves her, but will stay away for her kid's sake.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Jason Admits He Loves Liz

On Monday’s General Hospital:

Jax's surprises Carly with a vacation. Jason tells Liz he loves her, but will stay away for her kid's sake.

Even though Carly insisted she was not secretly still playing Nancy Drew, Jax was worried she was putting herself in the line-of-fire with the text message killer. When pushed, she finally admitted she was working on a Christmas surprise for him, but stopped short of telling him it entailed a little bundle of joy. Not completely convinced, Jax told Carly he wanted to take her and the boys to Hawaii on vacation.

It's always a bit of surprise to me to see just how well Carly and Jax work as a couple. I enjoy them both so much more when they are playing off of each other than with any other character on the show. Each brings out the other's strengths and supports and comforts their weaknesses.

After being questioned by Detective Harper, Nikolas was sure he had killed Emily and that her manifestation was a way for him to ease his guilt. Emily, however, assured him she wasn't simply a delusion of his and that if he assumed responsibility, he would be allowing her real killer to go free. Sam also stopped by and offered her cousin comfort as well as insisting there was no way he could have been the one to kill Emily.

Moved by the critical patient they were caring for, Patrick pleaded with Robin for a compromise. He asked that they spend one year enjoying being a couple and traveling, and then at that time they could reexamine the subject of children. Also moved by their patient and Emily's untimely death, Robin asked Patrick if he really felt in a year he'd be ready to commit to a family. When he couldn't answer for certain, she declined his offer to get back together.

How heartbreaking it is to watch these two, so obviously in love, to remain apart over the issue of children? Instead of watching them stand firm in their life goals, I'd like to see the reasoning behind their strong convictions. Patrick has never really addressed why he's so set against having children, and I'm just not buying that he's too selfish. He's proven that's not true through his previous relationship with Robin.

Devastated when he heard Liz tell Lucky Jake would be safer if he continued to masquerade as the boy's father, Jason later told Liz he would stay away from her and the kids even though he loved them both. Sonny was equally hurt when Kate insisted that as much as she loved him, she would not have her life bound to organized crime.

I wonder if we aren't actually gearing up for a story that will take Jason and Sonny away from the coffee business.

Sonny and Trevor traded threats, and later Sonny offered to bankroll Johnny's escape from the business and Trevor. Unwilling to admit the need for help, Johnny instead told Sonny he was in charge of his father's business and he should be prepared to do business with him.

Coming Up…
Johnny takes full control of the Zacchara business. Sam manipulates Lucky. Leyla downs her sorrows.

In this past weekend's Making The Rounds… I reported there was a recent casting call for the role of Jeff Webber. This week's ABC Soaps In Depth reports Drake Hogestyn has been tapped, as long as his current character on Days Of Our Lives, John Black, isn't risen from the dead yet again. Hogestyn cannot begin on GH until his contract expires, but does already have a connection with the show. His real life son portrayed Lucas for a time last year.

ABC Soaps In Depth also reports planning is under way for a season two of Night Shift on Soapnet. For anyone who missed season one, the DVDs of the entire season will go on sale soon.

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