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Goodbye, Emily... sort of.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Day of Mourning

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Port Charles mourned as Emily was laid to rest.

Against Monica's wishes, Jason attended Emily's funeral and listened to Liz's heartfelt eulogy from the vestibule, unseen by all but Liz. Even though Lucky and Liz had agreed to work together to help Nikolas through his grief, Lucky made it crystal clear to his ex-wife he would never be able to forgive her for her betrayal.

In the aftermath of the funeral, Lucky and Sam, Liz and Jason, and Patrick and Robin all sought comfort in each other, though Robin was quick to remind Patrick that even though they still loved each other, their goals in life would not change. I'm still waiting for someone to knock Patrick upside the head and tell him there are good things about being a father (paging Dr. Noah Drake…).

Luke tried twice to escape the hospital. He was caught once by Scott, who taunted him by saying he looked forward to his funeral and a second time by Tracy who all but begged him not to force her to go through another funeral.

This has been a nice story running parallel to Emily's funeral. Last year Luke Spencer (and Robert Scorpio) were forced to face the fact they've aged; now Luke is learning he's not the superhero he's always tried to be. His resistance to the surgery and the lifestyle of someone who has had a heart attack is not only believable, but has been interesting television.

Johnny went to Carly's to question her about the man who attacked at the ball, and Michael went into mini-mobster mode, telling Carly the Zaccharas were family enemies and she should throw him out. Carly seemed distraught by Michael's behavior, even more so when Johnny pointed out the similarities between the two of them.

Mutually Carly and Johnny agreed that it was not Anthony who tried to strangle her (he was probably not Emily's killer either) and that the best thing Johnny could do for Lulu was stay away from her. While Carly and Johnny spoke, we saw hands sending a text to someone saying 'It wasn't Anthony.'

After the funeral Lulu went to visit Carly and the two had a bonding moment over how close Carly came to being a victim of the text message killer. Lulu encouraged her cousin to pursue having a child with Jax. Georgie and Dillon had a chance to catch up before the funeral and Georgie confided she was falling for someone new.

As the episode came to an end, Nikolas returned to Wyndemere and Emily's room and was shocked to find Emily waiting for him, still dressed in her ball gown.

Coming Up…

Jason and Liz comfort each other. Georgie tries to spill her heart to Spinelli. Nikolas sees Emily.

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