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Zacchara goes to a hospital for the criminally insane. Luke remains in denial over his ailing heart and Port Charles mourns Emily.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Aftermath

On Monday’s General Hospital:

A paralyzed Zacchara is shipped off to a hospital for the criminally insane while Luke remains in denial over his ailing heart and all of Port Charles mourns Emily.

After days of not being seen by anyone, Lucky showed up at Luke's hospital bedside. Having been told by Tracy and Lulu that Lucky was working on Emily's murder, Luke tried to comfort a clueless Lucky. Emily's death was just one more blow to the man's crumbling existence and he turned to Sam for comfort and sympathy. She told him he doesn't have to lose Jake and Cameron and encouraged Lucky to go visit them.

Geary's portrayal of Luke in this fragile state has been top-notch and once again proves just how much talent there is in the veterans of this show, talent that is often ignored as focus is shifted elsewhere. I suspect this is just the beginning of Lucky on yet another downward spiral. The question is whether he will fall back to his addictions for comfort.

At the hospital, Patrick tells Johnny the bullets and the fall have rendered his father paralyzed from the neck down and the condition is not something surgery can repair. Before he is sent to a hospital for the criminally insane, Anthony tells his son to use Trevor to seal his position as the new head of his crime business and then kill him. Johnny might have to stand in line, though; killing Trevor is number one on Sonny and Jason's to-do list.

It appears to this viewer this hard and tough outside exterior Johnny is displaying is a ruse. Is his final goal his father's wish? I'm not sure, but I am sure nothing is as it seems.

Suspecting it might have been Nikolas, not Anthony, who killed Emily, Jason made his way out to Wyndemere to question him. As overwhelming as Nikolas' despair and remorse were, he was seeing things clearly enough to push Jason into a corner and get him to admit that if he had stayed in the barn with Emily, she would still be alive. Unfortunately, their argument was overheard by the new Detective Harper, who seems to be smarter than the rest of the Port Charles PD.

Sonny and Jason might have to consider really becoming coffee importers if Detective Harper proves to be as smart as he appears. One thing the criminal element in PC isn't used to is a police department that can solve cases.

Lucky follows Sam's advice, but when he arrives at Elizabeth's he finds Jason already there holding Jake. Cameron is excited to see Lucky and, feeling like an outsider, Jason hands over Jake and leaves.

When Sonny and Carly tell the boys about Emily, Michael reacts in much the same way he did about Leticia telling his father if he would have caught and killed Leticia's murderer this would have never happened. Meanwhile, Luke reacts badly to Monica's diagnosis that he needs a quadruple bypass. Later, Tracy catches Luke trying to leave the hospital.

Coming Up…

Jason is torn about going to Emily's funeral. Monica blames Sonny for all the pain her family has had to endure. Sam comforts Lucky.

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