Friday , April 19 2024
Zacchara holds Jason and Liz's lives in the palm of his hands while fate of three others is also in question.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Cost of Love

On Friday’s General Hospital:

Would you die for love has been the question of November sweeps. On Friday's episode most characters were directly faced with that question.

Nikolas' grief pushed him to madness as he cried over Emily's lifeless body and ranted about how it was his fault; Jason wondered if maybe it was Nikolas who killed her instead of Zacchara. I think they're both wrong. We heard a body – Nikolas' body – fall to the floor before Emily was strangled and I'm still guessing the text message killer is not Anthony (as evidenced by how the episode ended).

When Trevor tried to contain the situation and get Anthony off the island, the unhinged one made it clear he was done being contained by his lawyer. Upset and scared his huge façade was about to fall apart, Trevor started doing damage control by making sure Jerry was aware how important it was that everyone forget the details of the Black and White Ball and Anthony Zacchara's madness.

Tired of being left in the barn to care for the women folk, Spinelli rallied Logan and Cooper, hoping the three of them could catch Anthony and put an end to murders and terror at the ball. Trevor should be grateful they did, because it was their weak attempt at scaring Anthony and his keepers that allowed Trevor to escape with his life.

But the question of the day, and the whole month, has been "Would you die for love?" and most were facing that question as the closing musical montage ended the show. Sonny collapsed from a gunshot wound he got rescuing Kate and after declaring his love for Tracy, Luke fell to the floor, having another heart attack. As Carly slipped away from Jax to go check on Sonny, she was grabbed by a faceless stranger wielding a phone cord and Jason chased Zacchara, who had grabbed Liz, to the top of the castle. Liz was on the edge of the wall and Anthony, holding her at gunpoint, asked Jason if he would sacrifice himself for her. Without question or hesitation he climbed up on the wall next to her. We'll have to tune in Monday to see if Anthony lets her go.


Effects of the Writer's Strike – Even though the notice on ABC Daytime's website assures viewers they have scripts to shoot well until January, many of the spoiler sites have disclaimers that we could start seeing altercations to the originally planned storylines this week. According to one writer for General Hospital, he has already witnessed non-union writers crossing the picket lines to do his job.

Who's Responsible for Emily's Death – Monica will blame Jason and his mob lifestyle for Emily's death, and forbid him to attend her funeral, Nikolas will blame himself and his uncontrolled rages, but it will become quickly apparent to Jason and Carly there was a third person at work at the Black and White Ball.

Thanksgiving Schedule – Because of the Thanksgiving holiday, there will be a pre-empted schedule this week. On Thursday GH will re-run Luke and Laura's nuptials from last year and on Friday football will be the order of the day. There will be no Making the Rounds… for Thursday or Friday of this week.

Enter to Win – Rick Springfield, who portrays Noah Drake and Eli Love, has released a holiday album, Christmas With You. The album and video to the title song is dedicated to the fallen troops in the Iraq war and BC Magazine is giving you a chance to win a copy of the album. While on the contest page, you can also see the video for "Christmas With You."

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