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In the last hour of the ball, Emily answers the question: Would you die for love?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – The Nightmare Continues

On Wednesday’s General Hospital:

As this episode opened and "one hour earlier" flashed over the external view of Wyndemere, Nikolas' voice droned on about what he would sacrifice for love and all I could think was I was so happy we'd soon be moving off Spoon Island and back to civilization to deal with the aftermath of the deadly ball.

With gun in hand, Johnny turned from Lulu and put it to his father's chest. Unfortunately, when he pulled the trigger, he discovered it was out of bullets. Anthony seemed devastated Johnny would betray him, as devastated as a psychotic nut-job can seem anyway, and told his son he had until daybreak to say goodbye to Lulu before he killed her. After Anthony disappeared, Logan showed up and Johnny told him to take Lulu to safety while he put an end to his father's madness.

Bruce Weitz's portrayal of wacky Anthony Z has been one of the few bright spots in this story arc, which for the most part has been February's hostage crisis story rehashed and recycled. The character is so off kilter and unpredictable he has become a spontaneous wild card. Too bad his exit will most likely be in death as often happens with the uber-bad guys. The good news is I think he will outlast the black and white ball.

When Lucky brought Sam back to the stables to protect the others, Liz was having no part of being locked away with her and the two continued their ongoing fight. Liz stopped short of telling Lucky Sam had watched Jake get kidnapped and did nothing, but I don't expect she'll be holding her tongue much longer.

It was also a day of declaring love. Patrick and Robin admitted to each other they were having a hard time letting the other go, unaware that Leyla was awake. Jerry also admitted affection for Carly, which was quickly set aside when Jax returned to Carly's arms, not nearly as dead as Jerry had insisted he was. Carly was glad to see he was alive, but the joyful reunion was soon dampened by Jerry's worsening condition, a pierced lung.

I like this threesome better than the Sonny/Jason/Carly dynamic. Jerry and Jax allow for Carly to be strong and stand on her own two feet, where Sonny and Jason tend to treat her like a helpless ditz. She's earned that reputation, but I hope in the future she plays her Nancy Drew games with the Jacks brothers, not her ex and Jason.

In a state of rage, Nikolas attacked Jason, over-reacting to his disagreement with Emily. Jason regained control of the situation and after subduing Nikolas, tied him to a chair. Nikolas came to from his blackout and, realizing he was getting worse, begged Jason to take an unwilling Emily away from him and to safety.

While Emily was held up in the stable, Sam and Lucky stumbled across Nikolas and untied him, believing it was Zacchara who had bound him. Meanwhile, Emily followed her heart back to the ball room, where Nikolas soon joined her. His angered and pained cries over why she didn't stay somewhere safe turned quickly to anger over letting Jason tie him up. As the camera panned away, we heard one body fall, saw a mask hit the ground, and then Emily's body fell into sight.

Coming Up…

From one nightmare to another, Nikolas awakes to find Emily's body. Johnny spills his heart and his past to Lulu. Kate is taken by Anthony, causing the others to search the madman out.

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