Friday , February 23 2024
With only an hour left until Nikolas wakes to a whole new nightmare, murder and mayham continue at the ball.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Mayhem at the Ball

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

The Spencers were dealt yet another blow when Lucky and Lulu learned of Luke’s heart attack, Nikolas prowled Wyndemere, and Anthony’s rein of terror continued.

Lulu and Lucky were both found and brought to Luke, who continued to insist his heart attack was nothing to be concerned about. It was a particularly hard blow to Lucky who was still shaken by the knowledge Jake was not his son. In a poignant moment between father and son, Lucky thanked Luke for his ability to always tell the truth no matter the circumstances, and added that he hoped he could be the same type of parent with his children.

Lulu, unable to stand being chased by Anthony, went into the courtyard and dared the lunatic to come get her and leave everyone else alone. While he held her at gunpoint, Johnny showed up and challenged his father, who then insisted Johnny prove his loyalty by shooting Lulu himself

In typical Spencer fashion, Lulu acted first and never really thought about the consequences. How could she be so sure someone would be there to save her from the psycho? Of course someone was, and that was Johnny. As if the parallels between Logan/Lulu and Luke/Laura weren’t enough, now we have an interested third party (Johnny) to make it truly a recreation of the super couple from the 80s.

Before Anthony had gone after Lulu, it was Leyla, Robin, and Patrick he had been tormenting. Believing Leyla was his deceased wife, he pushed her to choose who should be the one to die: Patrick or Robin. After unsuccessfully trying to talk him down, Leyla answered Patrick, and then threw herself in front of him, taking the bullet.

As Robin and Patrick tended to her wounds, Robin had another premonition of her own death, and then watched as Patrick displayed obvious concern and affection for Leyla. Later Robin offered Leyla a heartfelt apology for the way she had treated her in the past, admitting that giving up Patrick had been extremely hard, even though it had been what needed to be done.

Those warm, loving stares between Patrick and Robin were enough to keep a little bit of hope alive that we may see a scrubs reunion soon. Some have guessed Robin’s fainting spell last week is a sure sign she is already pregnant (a false negative?) and I’m hoping that proves to be true. I think once Patrick gets over his fears about being a parent, the two would make an incredible team.

Unwilling to believe Jax died in the boat accident, Carly implored an injured Jerry to tell her every last detail. The only thing I know for sure is something is not right about any of it. Jerry is usually all about himself and the one thing he made clear was he wanted to get back to save Carly as much as Jax did. He also whimpered ‘why him and not me,’ which wasn’t so unexpected. The type of recklessness we see with Jerry is often a sign of self-loathing. Personally, I think Jerry is about to admit some deeper emotion for Carly. After all, the theme to this whole storyline is dying for love.

Jason caught up with Emily and wanted to take her to the stable with the others he’s rescued, but she refused to leave without Nikolas. She brought her brother up to speed about Nikolas’ blackouts and rages, which only made Jason more determined to get her out of the house. As the episode came to a close, Nikolas stumbled across the two arguing and attacked Jason while Emily watched and screamed in horror.

Today’s episode marks the last hour before Nikolas awakes to his worst fears. I’m sure we are still several days away from being beyond the ball, however.

Coming Up…

After Jason gets Emily to safety, she returns to the house for Nikolas. Instead of Lulu, Johnny aims the gun at Anthony. Jerry's injuries weaken him further.

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