Tuesday , February 27 2024
Two fall victim to Anthony's madness. Can Jason save the day?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Killing Spree

On Friday's General Hospital:

The storm raged on like Nikolas' temper and two fell victim to Anthony's madness as Jason rode toward Wyndemere to save the day.

After overhearing Patrick screaming at Robin, Nikolas continued with his attacks of rage, this time unleashing his anger and fists on Patrick. Who'd have thought the surgeon would fight like a girl? Was he pushing and shoving while Nikolas was punching in order to protect his hands or (more likely) was the scene very poorly choreographed? This was another instance of Nikolas (while ill) saying exactly what I'd love to have the chance to say to Patrick. Maybe I have the same affliction he does or maybe the condition gives Nik crystal clear perception, even if he can't control the emotions associated with what he sees.

Johnny told Lulu the story of how his mother died at his father's hands to make her understand the danger she was in. After Ric was found pinned to the wall with a sword, Trevor blamed Johnny, saying if he had stayed home and not become involved with Lulu, none of this would have happened. Johnny shoved it back on Trevor, telling the attorney he should have institutionalized him years ago.

All the while Carly had Cooper at gunpoint in the study, believing him to be the one who has been texting her about Leticia's killer. First Maxie stumbled upon them and defended Cooper, later it was Jax who came upon them. He accosted Carly for putting her life in danger and threatening what was most likely an innocent man since Ric had been attacked while she was holding Cooper at gun point.

I can't come up with a legitimate motive for Cooper to have killed Leticia, unless he was working under Ric's order and it was an attempt to initiate a mob war between Sonny and Anthony. I believe her killing was totally separate from Ric's stabbing, and time will show at least two parties at work.

None the wiser to all the turmoil, Sonny and Kate remained held up in one of the bedrooms drinking champagne and reconnecting. Sonny explained to Kate what happened, including how his car had exploded and how he believed it to be Trevor's attempts to protect his secret – his control of Zacchara's business.

While Nikolas and Lucky searched for Emily, she was happening across a second body. It was the guest she had asked to help her bring the flashlights down to the ballroom. His attacker, Anthony, had switched clothes with him and now roamed freely among the guests.

Thanks to blue screens and big fans blowing mist at him, Jason rode on an odd little combination of wave-runner and speedboat toward Wyndemere, no doubt to save the day. It was probably supposed to be a dramatic moment full of suspense, but I couldn't stop laughing at the cheesy effects long enough to appreciate the danger looming in the air.

Scoops, News, and Spoilers!

The Writer's Strike. On Monday morning the Writer's Guild will launch a strike if an agreement about digital rights cannot be reached. In a New York Times article, it is said that soap operas will be the second to feel the heat, with late night talk shows being the first.

In 1999, the last time the Writer's Guild dropped their pencils, actors and producers stepped in to keep the soaps turning out new episodes, but it is unclear whether that will happen this time. Some suspect daytime dramas will be replaced with game shows and sporting events should the strike go on longer than the three to four week backlog of episodes already filmed.

A Secret Finally Revealed! Even though I said I had given up trying to predict when Jake's paternity secret would come out, I think it's pretty safe to say it's coming in the next week (give or take). It's been committed to tape and can be seen in a preview now available on Youtube.

Mysteries Not Solved. Several sources are saying the mystery of the murders will not be solved by the end of November sweeps. If the writer's strike looms on, it might be much longer than that.

Brotherly Love? At Trevor's request, Sonny will put his own life at risk to save Ric.

Illness or a Curse? As much as Nikolas would like to believe his new persona is a result of his Cassadine genes, it will prove to have a medical cause.

Making the Rounds… will be on a one week hiatus. I'll be back the week of November 12.

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