Friday , December 1 2023
Someone lies near death.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Murder at the Ball

On Thursday's General Hospital:

As the storm outside began to rage, those inside Wyndemere were getting caught in a deadly web.

Emily and Nikolas tried to defuse the argument between Sam, Emily, and Lucky, but when Emily lashed out at Lucky for defending Sam, it set off one of Nikolas' rages. He jumped to his brother's defense and chastised Emily for her constant attempts to push Liz and Jason together. Emily took it all in stride, knowing whatever illness Nikolas has was causing the bad behavior. She quickly took Liz to one of the bedrooms to fix her gown and unloaded about Nik's condition. Meanwhile, Sam pulled Nikolas aside to calm him down, and then informed him what he had done when the rage was over; he remembered none of it.

Though Nikolas' episodes are out of character and rather scary, I have to admit there is something fun about watching him call people out on the carpet. The things he says while out of control are often quite true. Emily has appeared to have an agenda all along. She wants Liz with Jason and maybe for good reason, but Nikolas has a point, even if it's uncharacteristic for the prince to say so.

After finding her father, Logan, and Scott in the study arguing, an exasperated Lulu again told Luke she was with Logan whether he liked it or not and nothing he could say or do would change that. She then told both men the two of them wanted nothing to do with their multi-decade feud before they returned to the party.

With Nadine's help, Johnny was able to cut in on Logan and Lulu's waltz and then dragged the girl from Wyndemere. On the docks, he told her he had to get her off the island before his father tried to kill her.

A declaration like that will certainly drain the fun out of a party! The problem is, I suspect Lulu will not believe him. The way Johnny has been pushing her away, for her own protection, has hurt Lulu and for a Spencer hurt means defensive walls. I look for Lulu to turn and make her way back up to Wyndemere and right into the line of fire.

After distracting Jax, Carly finally arranged via text messages to meet with who she believed killed Leticia. Back in Port Charles, Diane decided to come clean, warning Jason what Carly was up to and informing him she was carrying a gun. She told him if he doesn't get to the island and intervene, someone is going to end up dead. She doesn't know just how right she is!

As much as I dislike Layla and Patrick together and as much as Layla all on her own gets under my skin, for Maxie to call her a skank and blame her for breaking up Patrick and Robin was laughable. This is the same Maxie who provided Lucky with pills to get him in bed even though he was married and cheated on Cooper with his best friend. Because it was such a hypocritical act on Maxie's part, I couldn't even enjoy the fact Layla was being called out.

I will admit my opinions on this couple are tempered from the Night Shift, where Layla did actively pursue Patrick despite the fact he was committed to Robin. However, on the daytime incarnation it seems this never happened because both Patrick and Layla insist there was nothing between them until after he split with Robin.

As Nikolas learned the storm was so bad no one could leave the island, Sonny showed up surprising Kate and making her night. In the study, Carly held Cooper at gunpoint, believing he was the one who's been texting her. In the hall, Alexis let out that blood-curdling scream we've been listening to in the previews for over a week.

Coming Up…

If you stuck around long enough to see the previews at the end of the episode, you got a peek at what Alexis has been screaming about. Victim number one (or two if we count Leticia) appears to be Ric. The rumors and spoilers that are coming my way, however, indicate he's not a goner just yet.

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