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A dark cloud looms over the black and white ball.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A Brewing Storm

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – A Brewing Storm

On Tuesday’s General Hospital:

A storm is rolling in across the harbor, and Emily and Nikolas wonder if it will leave a dark cloud over the Black and White Ball.

Ric summoned Skye to his office to talk about the waterfront property, and was puzzled when he found out that neither Sonny nor Trevor had made a move for it yet. Skye was upfront with Ric and let him know Luke had also offered to broker the sale of the property. When Skye said she would rather do business with Ric, he invited her to be his escort to the ball.

This is a really intriguing couple. Both have been maligned by Port Charles residents and have had their share of negative experiences with Sonny. For them to go to the ball together is going to turn quite a few heads and will certainly add to the turmoil. I just can’t figure out how either of them got an invitation from Nikolas and Emily.

After Jason flat out refused to go to the ball and Carly insisted she was going anyway, Jax decided to cancel his business trip to Paris and take her. You would think the least Carly would do is fill him in and let him know she’s planning to meet with the text-message killer, but no. She’ll let him go in totally blind.

Spinelli, totally oblivious to how much it was hurting Georgie, introduced Nadine as his date for the big event. He also asked Georgie to help Nadine shop for a dress, which she agreed to. Later, he worked on those dance moves he learned on Dancing With the Stars and asked Jason to help him practice. Jason was having no part of that. After a lot of persuading and sweet-talking on his part, Patrick was able to talk Layla into being his date.

Alone at Kelly’s, Lulu and Logan also talked about the upcoming festivities, and when Lulu admitted she didn’t know how to waltz, Logan offered to teach her. In what had to be one of the most touching scenes I’ve seen in awhile on the show, they practiced dancing in the empty diner. I think if Luke had been around to observe, he might have seen a bit of himself and Laura in the couple instead of only seeing Logan as Scott’s son. Not that I’m ready for the angst to be gone. What fun would it be if it was clear sailing for these two? But there is chemistry between the couple, and he’s not going to be able to deny it forever.

If we hadn’t seen just how creepy and insane Anthony was before, it was demonstrated when he shot and killed his guards so he could avoid going back to Crimson Point, and continue stalking Lulu. Johnny, sure that he knew what his father was up to, eventually got the better of Trevor so he could leave the house in search of Anthony before he could hurt Lulu.

As Nikolas and Emily stood on the wall of Wyndemere watching the storm roll across the harbor, they feared it would keep people from their ball. I don’t think that’s the only thing they are afraid of, as they are both well aware of just how whacked Nikolas has been lately. As the episode ended we could see Anthony lurking in the shadows.

On the next GH:
Before the ball, a proposal. Sam and Elizabeth. Zacchara crashes the party.

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