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Will Cinderella die at the ball for love?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Where’s Sonny?

On Monday’s General Hospital:

Sonny went missing and everyone was preparing for the ball at Wyndemere.

Ric, Kate, Carly, and even Jason were looking for Sonny but it seemed only Ric and Jason knew his limo exploded. Apparently there’s no body since Jason hasn’t moved Trevor to a new address – the bottom of the harbor – yet.

When Ric stopped by to question Carly about Sonny’s whereabouts, she feigned ignorance. Jax stood with her and tossed Ric out, telling him not to return unless he had a search warrant. When alone Carly admitted to Jax she knew where he was but would not back down on her plans to go to the ball.

Jax seemed pacified when Carly said she would get Jason to go with her, but I think that was only because he was pretty confident Jason would rather have teeth pulled than go to a formal ball. The minute she did ask Jason, he knew she was up to something and asked her what she was planning to do.

I sometimes forget how Jason balances Carly. We so often see him as fed up as the rest of us at her antics and temper tantrums, but to watch them yesterday I was reminded there is a real connection between them. She is as transparent as a piece of glass to him and it’s somehow just a little bit humbling to her to know she can be who she is. Will Jason attend the ball with her? Well, all I’m going to say is someone has to save the day.

But it wasn’t only Carly making plans to attend the ball; Lucky asked Sam to accompany him and Georgie wanted to invite Spinelli to be her date. She tracked him down at the hospital just in time to hear him ask Nadine, and for her to accept.

I’m always amazed how many people just drop by Wyndemere when it’s on an island in the middle of the lake, but that’s what Liz did. She wanted to thank Emily and Nikolas for the invitation to the ball and ask the two not to push her and Lucky back together. Of course, this was the moment Nikolas flew into another rage and said everything that has been on my mind for months. He called her selfish and condemned her for lying to her husband for over a year before Emily jumped in and defused the situation. Will Emily be available every time Nikolas goes mad at the ball or will he turn that anger on her?

While Ric was coming down on Logan, trying to get information the young man doesn’t have about Sonny and threatening to use his military secret against him, Luke and Tracy were deciding to attend the ball so they could keep their eyes on Lulu and Logan. Luke stepped the plan up a notch and broke into Ric’s office hoping to get something he could use against Logan to force him out of town. He found the file just in time to be discovered by Ric who threatened to have him arrested on a breaking and entering charge.

After hearing that Anthony had escaped his guards, Trevor ordered that Johnny not be allowed to leave the house. When the Lawyer arrived, Johnny pulled a gun on him demanding he be allowed to go find his father before he hurts Lulu, apparently this is a pattern with him. At the same time we see Anthony spying on Lulu and Logan at Kelly’s.

With all the preview commercials for the Black and White Ball asking if you would die for love, I think many of our couples are going to be targets. The festivities are set to commence on Wednesday, but I bet we see preparations in the next episode.

On Tuesday’s GH

We all know Zacchara has a couple of screws loose, but is he as deadly as Trevor and Johnny insist? Ric wants to destroy both his father and his brother. Carly plays her Nancy Drew games, oblivious to the real danger.

Would You Die For Love Promo:

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