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Robin faces her own mortality, then continues her search for the perfect DNA.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Spinelli Says Yes

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Robin may have found a donor, Liz and Lucky found common ground, and Luke fears Lulu may find herself in a mob war.

In what must have been an explanation for the uber-confusing ending of Night Shift, Robin again saw a reflection of herself in a critical patient. Literally. When she realized she was hallucinating, she called Dr. Lee, who told her it wasn't uncommon for women to start questioning their mortality when trying to conceive. While it worked in the context of yesterday's show – sort of – I still think it was one of the oddest season finale endings I've ever seen, and if the writers felt they had to explain it now, it didn't work.

After the morbid little flash, her great DNA search landed her at Jason's door, to see Spinelli. The look on Jason's face as the conversation progressed made the scenes and Steve Burton deserves major kudos for expressing without words the reaction most of us have to Spin fathering Robin's baby. The question of daddy participation stayed alive as well as Jason restated the position once again after Spinelli went to have a chat with Dr. Lee about the procedure. He returned to the apartment with the surprising news that he would be more than happy to father her child.

While this provided the viewer with some precious comic relief, I seriously doubt it's going to be executed without a hitch. Besides, if what we saw on the Night Shift was any indication of how Spinelli feels about paternity, staying uninvolved is not something he will easily be able to do.

In what turned out to be quite the odd little scene, Sam showed up at Carly's wanting to see Jax. He had already left for the hotel and the two traded insults and threats, until Sam finally left. What it appeared to be on the surface, Sam trying to make Carly insecure and jealous, makes little to no sense at all. I figure she either wants Jax to call off Jerry or somehow this is some red herring or a genuine clue to Leticia's murder and the impending mob war.

Nikolas was there to support Lucky, as Emily was for Liz, before the divorce mediation hearing. Once it was in session, however, and Diane and Alexis went about ripping the opposing clients to shreds, it was Liz who put a stop to it all saying it was not how she wanted her marriage to end. After she took the lead, Lucky followed and said he too wanted to work with Liz, not against her. He said if she wanted to have Diane draw up a fair agreement that gave him visitation with the kids, he would sign it.

While it would be nice to see an amicable ending to this, we know it's not over yet. That paternity secret is still looming under the surface. While it may seem like it will never come out, it will and we can only hope soon. (I'm done trying to guess exactly when though!)

Lulu made her way to the Quartermaine estate and told her father and Tracy in no uncertain terms she was going to continue to date Logan, it had nothing to do with Scott, and there was nothing either of them could do about it. Tracy and Luke, however, had already decided that Johnny was a worse threat than Logan and they wanted details about what had happened with him. Unfortunately, Lulu wasn't feeling very generous and kept most of the details to herself. As Luke said, good thing he knows his way around a mob war, because it seems Lulu is throwing herself right in the middle of this one.

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