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Is the burning warehouse only a smokescreen?

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sonny’s Warehouse Burns

On Tuesday's General Hospital:

Lulu can't let go of Logan and when Sonny's warehouse goes up in flames, most eyes look in the wrong direction.

When Lulu went back to Carly's for comfort after Logan broke up with her, she got anything but. Carly made it crystal clear she believed him to be a no-good cad and again expressed she should stay as far away from his as possible. Of course, this put Lulu on the defensive and she ran straight back to Logan, inviting him to go to a concert with her. Saying he was unable to resist her smile, he agreed.

In someway this viewer wants to just shake Lulu for being attracted to someone who is so obviously trouble, but in many other ways I see the attraction, and the chemistry between the two is undeniable.

Sonny warned Trevor he doesn't like to share when it comes to his territory and insisted if he continued to push, he would eliminate him. Trevor's answer was that all was not what it seemed and even if Zacchara is ready for a rubber room, he still holds the power. He continued, warning Sonny he was pushing for a mob war he couldn't win. Kate seems to have an innate ability for being in the wrong place at the wrong time and came into the house just in time to hear threats being exchanged. For someone who wants nothing to do with the uglier side of the business, you think she'd learn to knock before entering a room.

Once alone, Sonny told Kate about his meeting with Anthony and admitted his bi-polar disorder and his fears one day he too could break from reality. Kate confessed Ric had told her months ago about the breakdown and diagnosis the summer before and insisted it didn't bother her.

Sometimes I forget what an extremely talented actor Maurice Benard is. The character is so often trapped within the same repetitious storylines and dialogue that it takes days like this, when he has to go from extreme rage to quiet soulful reflection, using his dimples to cover his pain, to remember what an incredible talent he truly is. Hopefully we see much more of this as the storyline continues.

Jason warned Carly about Zachara's threats to her children and the two talked about the mob lifestyle. For the first time, Carly showed hints of regret for involving herself and her kids in Sonny's world. Also a first, she apologized to Jason for going off on Liz and the other women Jason finds himself involved with, giving her concern for him as an explanation. It was certainly a day for pleasant surprises! I would love to see Carly renew the goal she had set so long ago to become more independent and my fingers are crossed she follows through this time.

Shortly after Trevor was sent from Sonny's, Jason got the call one of their warehouses was burning. Ironically, it was the decoy that housed nothing but coffee. Jason and Sonny understandably jumped to the conclusion it was a retaliation from Trevor, but the viewer soon learned differently.

Lucky and Sam's reunion was interrupted when he also got the call about the warehouse fire. Moments after he left her apartment, Jerry showed up accosting Sam for being gone so long and insisting she step up their plan to seduce Trevor to gain information. Sam's refusal to help him or seduce Trevor was met with Jerry threatening Lucky's life. He tossed in a confession that he had just blown up Sonny's warehouse to get the cop out of her apartment.

So, nothing is as it seems when it comes to this perceived mob war. I highly doubt the Zacchara's were responsible for Leticia's death and they didn't blow up the warehouse. Don't be fooled into thinking they are completely innocent though. While Trevor didn't cause the explosion, we did hear him order a hit on Sonny if he didn't start playing nice.

On Wednesday's GH: After unsuccessfully trying to get Ric to open his eyes to Trevor, Sonny tells Kate he must fly to Puerto Rico.

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