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Lucky can't be Robin's baby's daddy, Sonny thinks Zacchara needs a straight-jacket.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Sonny Sees Zacchara’s True Colors

On Monday's General Hospital:

Robin continued to come up empty in her search for a baby daddy, and Patrick continued to annoy everyone around him with his inappropriate concern for what she does. Sonny finally met with Mr. Z and discovered the man needs a straight jacket.

Maybe it was interesting at first, but Robin repeatedly getting shot down by potential fathers, all for the very same reason, is getting old. We have a very smart woman here; she's a doctor. Doesn't she see the pattern? Lucky, like Jax, couldn't just give the genetic material to allow Robin to become a parent and stay uninvolved in the child's life.

Liz, who spent most of the episode listening to Patrick's same ol' song and dance on the subject, had very good advice for the two individually. She told him to look in his heart and try to save his relationship with Robin, because he obviously still loves her. Later, she told Robin she fully supported her choice to become a single mother, if that's what she wanted, but not to count on finding a man who would remain uninvolved. She, like Carly, suggested a sperm bank.

Logan tried to apologize to Carly for grabbing her in anger, but she wasn't hearing any of it and told him she would see to it that Lulu stays away from him. It was kind of funny coming from Carly, who has spent years and years defending and protecting Sonny's outbursts. Then again, she has advised Lulu to do as she's said, not as she's done.

Logan seemed moved by the experience and ultimately defeated. When Lulu finally did catch up with him he said they should just end it now. He didn't see how their relationship could ever make it when her entire family and all her friends were against them.

He has a point. It's one thing to deal with one or two disapproving acquaintances or family members, but when everyone in town doesn't want the two of you together, life is going to be pretty miserable. Since it seems the writers are intent on giving us a replay of Luke and Laura in this couple, what are the chances they end up going out of town together to solve some big huge mystery?

Sonny got his meeting with Zacchara and learned the man is certifiable. If anyone knows crazy, it would be Sonny, but Anthony takes it to a whole new level. One minute he was talking about the roses and then threatening to kill Sonny's children the next, only to go back to discussing his garden. Masterfully played by Bruce Weitz, Anthony Zacchara is proving to be a formidable foe for Sonny, even if Trevor Lansing is really running this game.

After telling Jason Mr. Z is ready for the loony bin, Sonny had Milo and Max pick up Trevor. He told him he knew who the real power behind the throne is and he could just forget about moving into his territory. Trevor challenged back, telling him it was too late. Meanwhile, back at the Zacchara compound, Anthony overheard his son talking to the guards about Lulu and seemed to take an interest.

On Tuesday's GH: After a brief reunion with Sam, Lucky gets called away on a police matter. Learning his son has a weakness, Anthony wants information on Lulu.

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