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Patrick crushes Robin's plans, Lulu nabbed by Johnny's handlers.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Lulu Lost, Zaccharra Found

On Thursday's General Hospital:

Those who Johnny is running from grab Lulu while Kate clues Sonny in to Zaccharra's whereabouts. Jax refuses Robin for reasons of his own and Patrick has his own agenda for keeping Robin baby-less.

It took some fast talking but Lulu eventually convinced Johnny to let the cabin owner live, and a little cold cash from the young Mr. Z kept the elderly man from reporting the trespassing, or attempted murder, to the authorities. When they were alone, once again, Lulu tried to get Johnny to open up to her about his past, but instead of sharing, he walked out.

Meanwhile, Spinelli put his hacking skills to work and by once again accessing area security cameras as well as tracing credit card activity, found out where Johnny was headed and confirmed that Lulu was with him. Jason jumped on the trail, and when Johnny returned to the cabin with food he found Jason, and both wondered where Lulu was. She must have had the same idea about food, because she was buying a pizza when Johnny's handlers grabbed her.

With Jason, Spin, Logan, and Luke among the search party out to find Lulu, I don't suspect Zacchara's men will have her long. As I predicted earlier this week, it would seem this is a catalyst to put Luke in the middle of the mob war. With his participation, maybe this one will be worth watching.

Though she was afraid of what Sonny would do with the knowledge, Kate told him she remembered visiting a house on Crimson Point that she now believes was Anthony Zacchara's. She also informed him while Trevor was visiting with Mr. Z that she overheard staff talking about how Mrs. Z had just died and the belief it was murder.

Kate's well aware people who drop in on the Zs don't remain breathing for long. It was a nice moment when she admitted she's glad to have Sonny back in her life and doesn't want anything to happen to him. She needs to realize, however, unlike her job at the magazine where the perks were designer fashion, danger is a fact-of-life when you’re a mob boss.

When Liz heard Lucky had filed for emergency custody of Jake, hurt turned to immediate anger. After some guidance and advice from Nikolas, Lucky came to the realization they were losing sight of what was important in their mutual attempts to gain ground, but when he tried to talk to Liz about shared custody, she lashed out. Before they could get too far into the matter on their own, Alexis and Diane showed up with the judge's decision, which was withheld from us until Friday's episode.

Jax responded to Robin's plea for some genetic help in making a baby pretty much the way I had guessed, telling his long time friend he could never know he had a child out there and not be a part of its life. Carly, of course, was infuriated. It was the answer she wanted him to give, but not for the reasons she wanted. When she later confronted Jax, he confided the only person he could ever imagine having kids with was her, soothing her temper for the moment.

Before leaving the Metro Court, Robin spied Patrick at the bar, and Carly confirmed he had clued her into what she was going to ask of Jax. At the hospital she once again lit into Patrick for interfering in her life and her decision to become a mother. Patrick defended himself, saying he was trying to protect her from future pain, but I think Robin nailed it when she accused him of being jealous that he wasn't on the potential daddy list.

Patrick is an egomaniac and it's apparent that Robin's omission of him from her donor list assaulted him. I also think part of him refuses to let go of her and he hopes they will find their way together, but believes if she has a baby it will close that door forever.

On Friday's GH:   We finally get a peek at the infamous Mr. Z when Sonny gets his face-to-face meeting. Logan pushed Carly too far. Robin sees daddy potential in Lucky.

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