Saturday , July 20 2024
Patrick blocks Robin's request of Jax; Lulu gets in deep with Johnny.

Making the Rounds at General Hospital – Danger, Divorce, and DNA

On Wednesday's General Hospital:

Patrick continues to be a spoiler to Robin's plans to become a mother while Lulu bonds with Johnny and Alexis and Diane turn Liz and Lucky's divorce more bitter.

Even though he's suppose to be pursuing a relationship with Leyla, Patrick couldn't help but stick his nose into Robin's plans to conceive. When he realized Robin was planning to ask Jax to donate some DNA he called Carly in to stop her cold, which Carly was more than willing to do. We'll have to wait until today's episode to see if Jax bows to Carly's wishes or if he decides to help out his long time friend.

I don't see Jax as the type to know he has a kid out there and not want to be involved in the child's upbringing, so I don't see him giving his DNA to Robin. I also don't see him willingly accepting Carly's demands, so it should make for interesting viewing.

After Logan came by the Quartermaine estate worried because he hadn't seen Lulu since the day before, Tracy informed Luke about the hitchhiking with Johnny incident. Luke, who seemed all too familiar with the Zaccharra family, went to talk to Sonny about the impending danger.

Meanwhile, Lulu wasn't in too big of a hurry to get away from Johnny and picked the lock on a cabin so they could have a place to rest and talk. They continued to talk and bond until they were interrupted by an old man with a rifle, obviously concerned they had broken into the cabin. While Lulu watched in horror, Johnny held his gun to the elder's head.

It's looking more and more like Luke is going to be drug into the middle of the Zaccharra mess, or pulled in by his obstinate daughter is more like it. Tony Geary adds to any scene or storyline he's a part of, so this just might be the magic needed to pick this one up and make it interesting.

Alexis and Diane met about Lucky and Liz's divorce, both taking a hard stance. Alexis is playing hardball, I believe mostly to protect Lucky's rights, but it really does seem like Diane's motivation is Jason's future parental rights and not what Liz has outlined as her desires. Later, Alexis suggested to Lucky he seek emergency custody of Jake because Liz allows Jason contact with the baby, and he reluctantly agreed, hoping to get Liz to agree to shared custody.

With any luck at all, when Alexis files his petition, someone will come clean with Lucky and let this poor guy know what someone should have told him A year ago. Not that I want Lucky kicked around anymore than he already is, but it's long past time for this story to move forward.

On Thursday's GH: Lulu's neck deep in trouble again; Liz is upset by Lucky's petition; Robin confronts Patrick on his constant interference.

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